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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [275 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2525.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 3, Accession 2525
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1936 – 1945
Reel notes: “Dad + Mother ’37 ; Also Uncle Arthur + Uncle Will ; 60th Wed. ; Aiken Picnic ; Dad + Mother ’38 ; 50th Wedding Anniver. [sic] ‘38” Intertitle: “Agfa 1937” Intertitle: “Father (Augustine) Hussey and Mother (Helen) Hussey 1937” Shot of Augustine hanging pants on a clothesline, walks to concrete stairs and wooden door, greets little dog waiting on steps. Intertitle: “Arthur McKeen Hussey at the apple stand.” Arthur Hussey works in garden, then seen dancing with ice cream cones in hand. Hussey boys with older woman (Helen Hussey), dressed up. Intertitle: “COME UP HERE, Augustine ----“ Augustine comes from car in driveway and joins Helen on the steps. Intertitle: “and now, hold still. (Easter ’37).” Helen puts flower in Augustine’s coat. Augustine walks toward camera in suit, talking to camera. Young woman (Ede) outside speaks to little boy inside through window, walks up and poses with grandfather (Augustine) on steps to house. Augustine is packing trunk of car. Intertitle: “Want to go too, Pete?” Augustine holds Pete, youngest Hussey boy, while Augustine points into the trunk. Augustine and Helen stand in front of car, laugh. Augustine and Helen with the Hussey boys. Intertitle: “Off for Virginia – ’37.” Car pulls away from house, family is waving goodbye to Helen and Augustine. Intertitle: “Building Back Yard Fireplace ’37.” Man with trowel laying stones. Intertitle: “Aikens Picnic ’37.” Man and woman walk across yard toward camera. Intertitle: “The Chief Cook.” Shot of man (Mr. Aiken?) cooking in cast-iron pans on an outdoor flat top stove. Intertitle: “The Gang Arrives.” Group of people near parked cars in driveway are gathered on the lawn. Woman in apron near back yard fire place (that looks to be the finished product of the stone fireplace being built in previous scene). “Smells Good, Clara.” Woman cooks meat on grill, moves it to serving platter while man watches. View of people gathered around back yard fire place and cooking area. Some folks seated in the far corner wave to the camera. Man smoking pipe sits on rocks with Hussey boys. Intertitle: “Father and Mother 1938.” Helen on ski lift. Helen and Augustine in living room, shot of Augustine with Pete Hussey on his lap. Helen reading the paper. Cars come around corner in driveway with men piled in the backs. Augustine and Helen on front porch holding presents – including a bottle of booze. Men lined up on the front yard, some in suits, others in overalls. People sitting around table, an Anniversary party or gathering. Shot of Helen wearing a large corsage, cutting a wedding cake with Augustine at her side. Hussey family poses for camera: three boys (who are men) behind their parents. Shot of the little Hussey boys sitting around a table. Various shots of family members in attendance. Guests ducking and shying away from the camera. Augustine carves a turkey as family sits around the table, eating. Boy reading “Boys’ Life” magazine sitting next to Helen on the sofa. Boy continues reading on Grandpa’s lap. Family walks across lawn. Helen and Augustine pose on front steps for camera. Wind blows Helen’s coat collar around. They pose with their luggage in front of a car. Young Hussey boy holds up sign that reads: Dad + Mother, Off To Florida Jan. 15, ’40. Couple waves. Little girl hands Helen a gift. Augustine slips a ring on Helen’s finger and kisses it. She holds her hand up. Helen and Augustine cut their anniversary cake together. Augustine eats ice cream with napkin tucked in shirt. Family is lined up in front of house, camera slowly pans the line, showing each person.
Philip W. Hussey
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