2 Copies of This Film
1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [250 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2525.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 2, Accession 2525
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1937 – 1940
Can notes: “P.W. Hussey” Reel notes: “1. Fishing – Lilly [sic] Bay, July ’38 2. Hunting Trip at Musquash Lake Nov. 1938 Cold Stream Lake + [Howland] [sic] Joan on Her Horse” Lily Bay sign on log in front of row of houses or cottages. Man sitting, waves away camera. View of water with mountains in the distance. Fishing, shot from boat. Men cook at a campsite. Quick shot of man asleep in boat. Men back at campfire with pot on flame. Shots of choppy water and mountains in distance. Various shots of shoreline from boat including large homes and small cottages. View of road and birch trees. Shot of wooden cottage through birches. Wide shot of water and landscape. Shot of man steering boat from boat. View of motorboat on water. Two men eat at picnic table. Shot of water from fast boat; shot of boat alongside boat where camera is shooting. Men in other boat wave to camera. Shot of shore, man sits on rocks. View of cabin and birch trees. Dark footage of man coming out of an outhouse. View of water and land across water. View of front of boat and water as boat approaches land. Little black dog. Dark footage. Man in boat greeted by another man who helps him pull it onto shore. Men negotiate path across small stream. Two men in boat on water (shot from a neighboring boat). Men try to fix motor on one of the boats. Man walks along shoreline. Man dragging dead deer by a rope through the brush, onto the beach, holds deer up for camera. Two more men come up, dragging a second deer. Man holds deer innards/organ up for camera. Man with pipe in flannel and cap looks at camera. Men gathered around campsite read the paper. Shot of boat on water. Men put deer carcass into boat. Men with guns gathered on porch; carry deer carcass on back. Man holds wiggling fish in net up for camera to see. Man tries to hit wiggling fish with a bottle of booze. Two men laugh at one man who has fallen asleep. Three men embrace, pose for the camera. Men gathered showing food in pans. Man shows fish in net. Shot of what appears to be men emptying water (could include fish) from the back of a truck into the lake, possibly stocking the lake. View of truck door that reads: Maine Fish & Game Dept. N [sic]. Shot of man paddling boat. Shot of two men outside of cottage or house. Man in M sweater walks toward camera. View of trees and landscape. Young woman on a horse (Joan) in black and white and then color. Dog runs around, barks at horse. Horse runs up and down street with dogs chasing along. Various shots of horse. Man in M sweater rides horse. Another man gets on the horse. Shot of dog wagging tail in the grass. View of water (lake) with mountains in background.
Philip W. Hussey
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