3 Copies of This Film
1) 1271.0004_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1271.0004_VHS
3) 1271.0004_IN3/4
[Bell--home movies] Reel 4
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Can Descriptions
Label: 'Honey Bee (play) Laskers Cottage. Churrius Cottage. Long ago. Nydia and Roy.' [1926] // Rear shot of adults assembled outside sitting in wooden house chairs. Two children are on the front lawn. They're joined by other children. They're staging an entertainment. Children dance,prance about. Some are dressed like elves.C.U. of front of car. Back of car loaded with hay. Old type vehicle.Quick long shot of field.Screen intertitle:'Mr. Lasher's Cottage.'Quick shot of man walking down road. M.S. of exterior of mansion.Side shot of home or mansion with well-kept shrubbery. Quick shot of two men. C.U. of front of excellent home. Quick shot of trees near dwelling. Another front shot of home. M.S. of two men outside. One is raking yard. Screen intertitle:'Cluverius Cottage'. M.S. of young boy walking in yard. Carries various items in his arms. M.S. of copious tree next to cottage. M.S. of side of cottage with medium number of trees in front.Screen intertitle:'The Playhouse and Garden.'M.S.s of wealth of trees near cottage. Side shot of cottage. Shot tracks over to the front.Track shot of garden which pans right to front of cottage.Another side shot. Screen intertitle:'Lydia and Roger Sampson,End of Summer.'M.S. of woman and boy descending front steps. Lady wears fur stole. Lady and boy cross yard. She carries hat case. M.S. of lady and boy. Boy sportingly chomps on chewing gum. Good sports, both these folks!
Amateur films
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