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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0007, .0009-.0010_DVD
DVD; Unknown
3) 2524.0008, .0009-.0010_DVD
DVD; Unknown
4) 2524.0009-.0010_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 10, Accession 2524
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1939 – 1941
Ice skating at an indoor rink. Large ship chimney/smoke stack City of Birmingham sign on board. Various shots of smaller boats on water from large ship. Dark footage of woman on ship deck. View of another ship that reads: “America United States L___ [sic].” Shot of steam escaping from smoke stack/chimney of ship. Shots of alligators or crocodiles in enclosed area. Man with stick walks through gators/crocs. Shot of hundreds of babies in pen. Shot of snakes in a pen. Various shots of zoo animals including: ostrich, monkey, seals. View of large yellow building. Shot of flower and parrot chained to post. Various shots of grounds of what appears to be a resort. Zoo shots of various primates in fenced area. African American children standing in a line looking at the camera. Brief shot of a boy playing marbles. City shorelines as viewed from the cruise ship. Shot of docked boats including Bobby Ann. Views of the harbor including boats, shoreline and palm trees. Pelican on a dock. Shot of men fishing off back of boat, pulling in a fish. Man with pipe and fishing pole speaks to camera. Man holds large fish up for camera. View of sea plane in air and then on water. Shot of Pan American Airways System and parking area. Shot of planes and airport employees moving planes. Shot of plane on the water. View of guest rooms at a resort. Two women walk down concrete steps – number on wall reads 630. Couples pose for the camera. Color footage of a street at night. Marquee on Street reads: “J. Mac Donald N Eddy [sic] Bitter Sweet [sic] on Stage Starland Revue with Beverly Roberts.” Views of Seminole Village including grass buildings, a young boy with a little girl, short view of grounds with chickens. Sign reads: “Largest Seminole Indian Village” Shot of ship coming toward shore. View of condos or apartments surrounded by palm trees. Shot of an orchard or grove. Shot of flowers in wind. Return to view of ship coming to shore, man puts hand in ocean. View of road from parked car. Shot of an African American man with a cane seated outside of a building. Various shots of an African American village including children and a woman with a basket on her head. Man walks through field, what looks like a garden. Shot of man, woman, child and dog on a porch. Cats eating something together. View of Southampton Court House. Color sign: Whitney’s in Jackson followed by views of snowy grounds around Whitney’s resort or Inn. Skiers negotiating paths up hill and then skiing down. Skiing. People picnic in the snow next to a parked car. View of a plane in the sky. Views of grounds and skimobile. Footage shot from riding up skimobile. View of mountains and landscape. Shot of building at top of Cranmore, skimobile through trees. Parked cars and mountaintops. Ski race with many teams (relay). Women skiing through gates as part of relay race. One woman falls. Shots of ski buildings and various skiers moving around the mountain. Notes on reel: “1940-1941 Trip to Florida” “- Skiing at Whitney’s” “Gordon, Charlotte & Sue Skiing at Pinkham Notch Skiing ’41” “Bauneg Beg Ski Carnival Feb: ’41”
Philip W. Hussey
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