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1) 1521.0035_VHS
2) 1521.0035_IN3/4
3) 1521.0035_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0035-.0038_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0035-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 35
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N32; can numbers are donor assigned. No notes on reel or can. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 35: (34:07) Man, woman aboard boat as it wafts up and down. Man by sail adjusts camera. Sea gulls fly over craft as it skims water. Ropes of other craft. Boat with sea gulls. Four-masted sailboat. Sparkling water as viewed from moving boat. Sail, rigging of boat. Man in boat wears dark glasses. Man on sailboat doffs hat and replaces it. Woman sitting in boat. Man standing in boat. Silhouette of shoreline building, trees. Athletic field. Youngsters, 11 or 12. People assembled on long bench. Girl touches forehead. (37:03) Boy aboard small, but practical sailboat just right for one person. Buildings along opposite shoreline. Boy drifts along in sailboat. Mast of another boat. Two men, woman on boat. Woman talks. Boy in bathing trunks dives into water. Makes big splash. Swims around. People in wharf which has diving board attached. They are all dressed for swimming. Boy dives off side of wharf. Woman dives in. Another woman plunges in. Woman dives off of board. Adjacent buildings. Trees behind them. Boy dives off of board. Succession of divers. Man attempts flip or jackknife dive. Group of swimmers, most of them having dived from board. They swim forward. Swimmer catches rubber ball. Throws it. Another swimmer catches it. Woman climbs back on wharf. Group of swimmers. Girl throws rubber ball to swimmers standing on wharf. Woman climbs onto wharf. Young man scratches ankle. Young man climbs onto wharf. Group swimmers. Man dives off of board. Swimmers create foam. (40:03) Sunset on the water. Shoreline trees, watercraft silhouetted. Setting sun turns water surface golden. Children on shoreline standing on the mud. One girl wears large hat. Child with pitchfork steps carefully along. One-masted sailboat. Narrow row or motorboat. Boy kneels in one-passenger sailboat. Individual sailboat skims over water surface. Woman joins boy in this craft. Water is a murky green. Wind riffles sail. Boy, woman continue their excursion. Boat docks. Moored watercraft. Bushes. Buildings of opposite shoreline. Winter. House, trees are snow-covered. Exterior of home. Yard. Lamppost, trees adjacent to home. Young girl emerges from home. Snow-laden trees on each side of doorstep. She pauses and reenters home. Front exterior of home with snow-laden trees. Another section of the home with roofed porch, shrubbery. Tree. Snow-covered shrubbery. (43:00) Small barn. Man, boy shoveling snow. Various activities in snow. Evergreen trees. Snowstorm in progress. Snowplow attached to front fender of car. Man standing on front fender. Car plows through snow. Man carrying detached plow. He sets it down, begins shoveling. Astride front fender, he rides forward once more. Snow blows as car continues its journey. Man, two boys shovel snow. Exterior of home with snow on roof. Snow is falling, blowing. The storm now over, the trees are snow-laden. Tranquil beauty of snow-covered yard, trees. Shot tracks to the right to reveal more snow-laden trees, snow-covered ground. Snowbank at base of lamppost. Shot tracks upward to reveal snow-covered trees. Trees which have a minimum of snow on them adjacent to house. Other trees with very little snow on them. Lightly-foliaged, feathery-leafed trees beautified by snow. Bare tree in company of many evergreens. Snow-covered ground. Tree with just smattering of snow. Flagpole. Snowbank. Evergreens. Left-tracking pan. of area. Bushes. Spring. Woman, group of children with balloons. Boy on lawn. Girl allows balloon to float away. Little boy. Children. Parked car. Long building. (46:00) Man carries suitcase. Parked cars. Little boy sips soda. Little girl stands beside him. Another little boy. Boat skims over water surface. Wind wafts bush on shoreline. Two boys in motorboat. Boy kneels, examining interior bow. Sailboat journeys over water. Water surface. Foliage of opposite shoreline. Three people in sailboat. Sailboat continues its excursion. Wind wafts sail. Water surface. Long dock area, trees of shoreline. Ropes of boat. Woman dives from high device. Ladder extends up to this device. [Cataloguer's correction: 'Long dock' is incorrect. This, on closer inspection is an expanded area of boulders, rocks.] Boy's head in foreground. Storage shed or changing room. Small building. Right-tracking pan. of area with water surface, low-lying shrubbery growing on rocks. Water surface. House. Tall-pinnacled trees, profuse, but nicely-spaced. Several-passengers on sailboat. It skims over the water. It rounds a corner. (49:01) Boy enters home. He carries a tin gym chair. He wipes his mouth with the border of polo shirt he wears. He carries two more gym chairs. Sailboat moored near shore. Man and two boys aboard. They straighten, crease sail. Woman observes from shore. Boy grasps mast. Three-sailed boat with semi-transparent sails. Woman observes it from her sailboat. Rippling water. People aboard boat. Shot is naturally shadowy. Crew is silhouetted, shadowy. Several passengers. Boat wafts up and down on water. Three women, little boy. Woman at far right holds a puppy. Family group. Three young men wear suits. Women dressed less formally. Young man enters car. Trees. Spired building. Looks to be chapel of a school. Pan. area. Boy walks on path. Trees. Academic buildings. Flowers. The chapel building with its frontal Greek columns, its spire. Wind is blowing trees. Facade of academic building with its shutters and lunette arches over exterior of the windows. Academic building of great size. It has long narrow windows. Adjacent parked car. Elongated academic building. Silhouette of trees as breeze wafts leaves, branches. Man smoking pipe. Younger man stands at right. The two talk while standing by car. Man has hat in hand. (52:04) Group of children, predominately feminine with one boy present. They group around for photo. Woman stands with hands in her pockets. She walks backward. Man stands at right of mechanical tractor. Tractor moves forward, plowing soil. Man backs tractor up. Plow of tractor as it pushes soil, rocks. It continues to remove debris. Removes large boulder. Man walks up field where he has been working. Bare trees, water surface. Field. Night photography. Rocky area with scant, leafless shrubbery. Expanse of boulders, rock and sparse shrubbery. Building on hill. Slim tree [birch] remains. Very slender branches or trunks. Bare trees silhouetted. (54:02) Hewn-down bushes of field. Sparse, leafless shrubbery. (End Reel 35)
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