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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0007, .0009-.0010_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2524
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1939 – 1940
Shot of young boy skiing down hill, boy and girl come down the hill followed by youngest of the two boys. Shots of boy falling (repeating, consecutive shots of repeating, consecutive falls). Young man skis over manmade snow pile ramps situated over a hole in snow. Various angles on various jumpers skiing over small ramp of piled snow. Skiers with numbers pinned to coats and audience standing in groups. Flag boy signaling to skiers. Man removing a splinter from another man’s hand. Woman waxing her skis. A woman going up the hill using the rope pull. Downhill ski competition. Various shots of skiers falling. Skiers using rope pull. Girls with snowman. Two men walk and talk between parked cars. Skiers walking up hill in skis with poles. Various downhill skiing shots with views of audience. Black and white footage of skiers in downhill competition. Shot of police officer getting out of parked car. Shot of cars driving up snowy road. Shot of car stuck in snow. View of ski slopes from parking area with crowds of people at base of hills. Panning shots of area at bottom of hill and beyond (parking area, buildings on property, etc.). More shots of ski competition from various angles/perspectives of the competition route. Boys gathered in small space, looking at camera. Group of boys skiing (view of houses or buildings on the perimeter) and using rope tow. Group of boys pose with skis and poles for camera in front of small brown shed or building. Sledding. Dark footage of man walking through parking area, salutes camera. Shot of snow piles and snow-covered cars in parking area. Another man with pipe is shot walking through the parked cars. Young man poses against snow background. Shot of Cranmore Mountain Ski mobile (first shot in black and white followed by color footage of the ski mobile with passengers). Various shots of people exiting their ski mobile cars and of ski mobile. Skiers at top of mountain with panning shot of mountainous landscape. Skiers taking off down mountain, skiing around gates. View of mountain from camera on ski mobile. Black and white footage of ski jump competition taken from bottom of jump. More shots of jumpers from middle of jump. View of parked cars and audience around base of mountain. Shot of jumper taking flight, camera directly below jumper. View of wooden building or house. Various shots of ski jump competition including falls. Color footage of crowd watching competition. Shots of skiers coming down jump. Shaky shots of ski jumps from start to finish. Three skiers jumping together. Two skiers jumping together. Close-up view of large machine. Reel notes: “1940 Winter Sports ; Bauneg Beg Winter Carnival 1940 ; [Berlin] National Ski Jumping ; Eastern Amateur Ski Jumping ’40 ; [Gilford] U.S. EASA Ski Jumping – Cranmore Mt. Ski Mobile ; Back Bay Ski Carnival”
Philip W. Hussey
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