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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 6, Accession 2524
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1936 – 1939
Intertitle: “Back Yard Gang (Reel No. 3)” Intertitle: “This is supposed to be Billy in the hospital” Dark footage of boy in bed with white sheets. Shot of little boy in wool coat, hat and mittens standing outside and holding a book. Intertitle: “Billy and nurse, Mrs. Tinker.” Boy/Billy walks out of house followed by woman/Mrs. Tinker in a fur coat. Women in snowy yard. Young woman stands on porch steps. Dark footage of boys’ faces. Young boy in snowsuit and matching hat on porch. Two young boys with dog on porch steps. Joined by father who holds dog, gets licked, then tries to stop the dog from licking him. Close-up of little boy. Children play in snow, build snowman. Man brings young boy up to snowman, points at face. Dark footage of boy waving at camera. Boy looks to be wearing a robe; he is sitting in a rocking chair by a window. Boy stands by sign tied to the back of an automobile “The Engineering On This Project Is Being Done By The Winter Sports Engineers Division Of The Hussey Mfg. Company, North Berwick, Maine” Upside-down Intertitle: “Sam, on a busy day” Man/Sam stands in yard, wearing coat and hat. Shot of pheasants in a cage. Intertitle: “See those new Ski boots” followed by shot of little boy holding his foot up to the camera. Boy is standing on concrete step in front of house. Two boys stand in yard, dressed for outdoors. Laundry blows in the wind behind them. Intertitle: “Of the “Bus” Brown Family” shot of dog on steps. Intertitle: “Mrs. Corey, I believe?” Shot of woman walking out of house toward camera, talking to camera. Intertitle: “Doesn’t she look swell?” Another woman walks toward camera with Parents Magazine under arm. Man pushes boy in woven stroller. Intertitle: “You name ‘em, we can’t!” Shot of woman laughing and smiling close to the camera. Close-Up of man laughing and smiling into camera. Young boy carrying hoe and rake, walking down dirt path. Intertitle: “The god old Sand Pit” Boys dig and move dirt, talk to the camera. Man comically holds dog on leash on lawn. Shot of boy in kitchen with dog on stool – camera using large light; boy shields dog’s eyes from the camera light. Men planting small trees in yard. Shot of small house. Baby in carriage and four other children standing behind carriage. Boys play and wrestle in the yard. Boy, girl and dog pose for camera. Girl and boy play peekaboo in carriage. Boy fishing, standing on grassy bank. Man dresses child in overcoat. Hussey boys and little boy or girl pose for camera. Littlest walks toward camera. Two women talking, one woman walks through yard. Kids wrestling under tarp on yard. Slowly appear from underneath. Children hold tarp in the air and quickly run underneath – play with tarp (running, holding it in the wind, etc.). Two boys dressed as sailors stand in yard. Man holds child on lap. Picnic table full of children, child waves at camera, women fill cups on table from pitchers. Close-ups of various children at the table. Appears to be a birthday party – all eating cake and ice cream. Shot of birthday cake and toddler eating cake. Man walks across yard toward party. Kids eat lollipops and wave at camera. Parents and adults also eat lollipops and look at camera. Shot of koi pond with lily pads. Children sitting still on a cement wall and then getting up in sync, jumping around. Boys dressed holding small figurines (maybe made of wood – they are flat) and hang the figures on the side of the house. Shot of the two boys sitting together, wearing their woolen pants and overcoats. Dog stands on stool while two boys pet it. Background of room looks like a kitchen. Shot of a stuffed animal bull positioned on a stool. Shot of hand puppet dwarf doll with cap that says DOPEY. Dark footage of Christmas lights on exterior of a house at night. Shot of the two boys with the Christmas tree. Boys share a wooden stool and smile at the camera. Boy sitting at wooden table with toys on table including the Dopey doll. Boy plays with toys on table (use of light with camera). Reel notes: “Back Yard Gang Reel #3 1938 + ’39 ; Billy’s Birthday Party”
Philip W. Hussey
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