3 Copies of This Film
1) 0252.0013 - 0252.0019_F16
16mm film; 1600 ft. total (7 reels); Silent; b&w
2) 0252.0013 - 0252.0019_VHS
3) 0252.0013 - 0252.0019_IN3/4
[Howard Kane--home movies] Reels 13-19
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 13: (400 ft.) 'Southern trip 1930.' 'South 1930.' Car driving toward camera on country road. Spare tire on back of car has banner for Shenandoah Valley. Endless caverns. Long shots of hillsides. Power lines. Mountains. Snow falling outside of car. (2:56). Paramount movie poster. The Duncan sisters. More scenery. Mountains. fields. Trees. (4:12). Factory on water. City. Water tower. Park benches. Palm trees. Children playing. Ocean liner in distance. New paved road in foreground. Title. 32 Legare St Simonton House Built 1776 Noted Gateway 1815-1820 Sword gates Finest Examples of early wrought Iron. Cemetery. Church. Children of color. (5:24). Dancing in the street. Flowering trees. Roadway with thick. Overhanging vegetation. Swampy area with thick willow trees over it. Someone raking in distance. Sheep grazing in open field. (7:53). Monkey on ground playing with stick. It is tied up by its tail with string. Couple in front of home. Woman in fur coat pulls flowers off brush. Main St. Church. Stately buildings. Pier. Monuments. Fancy car. Reel 14: (approx.150 ft.) 'Shenandoah Caverns Va. Bob and Jim Marsh and Hamps[?] Kane-fish--underwater--in Florida 1930.' 'Lobstering.' 'Columbia P.[?]' Billboards advertising various caverns in Virginia. Shenandoah Valley. Motel with same ads on side. Stalactites and Stalagmites inside caverns. Tour guide with pointer leading people around caverns. CU of mineral formations. Pools. People looking around. A woman hand-feeding deer outside coffee shop. Pond surrounded by thatched umbrella tables. CU of fish swimming in clear pond. Filming from inside boat cabin. Shot of touring boat with canopy. Animal swimming. Reel 15: (100 ft., dc 1929) 'Kreiselman.' Very dark. Children somersaulting down hill. People coming out of stone house child on bicycle. Woman putting bow in girl's hair. Adult men somersaulting down hill. Reel 16: (390 ft.) 'Machias Lumber Co. 1929.' 'Mill scenes.' Long log drive. Men standing on logs in water with pick poles. Barefooted boys run on logs. Mill in background. Men and boys stand in front of log conveyor to building. Reel 17: (160 ft.) 'Maine woods in winter 1929.' '[Snow] 1929.' Logs riding up chain conveyor into mill. Milling out logs into boards and beams. Sawing. Shingle making binding up strapping. Men and sawyer equipment. Changing saw blades. Filing teeth. Outside mill. Men stacking lumber. Counting. Marking. Loading horse drawn wagons with lumber. Two well dresses men talking in wood yard. Film pauses. Shot of mill yard. Roof of mill. Shots from above. Reel 18: (300 ft.) 'Machias 1929-1930.' 'Machias Fair, Ford (Jim) and sulkey race (Conrad Meserve, Harley Henry).' Season change. Man with dog walks by piles of logs. Waterfront. Falls. Two men leave building with dog, with newspaper in mouth. People leave stock company and get into a model A ski mobile. It's snowing. Ski mobile travels through woods. Ski mobile pulls logs through woods. Men roll and stack logs in snow. Shots from back of ski mobile. Men hand sawing large tree. Shots of dog and cook outside logging camp. More bouncy shots from ski mobile. Horse drawn sled. Waterfall. Dog playing. Logs on edge of frozen water. Ski mobile stuck in snow. Men shoveling it out. Horses pulling out log-laden sleds. Private home. Shots of town. Waterfront community. Lumberyard across river. Field and saltwater. Rocky coast. US flags on lawn. (44:19). Country fair. Harness racing. Ferris wheel. Auto racing. People milling around grandstand. Band. Shots of town. Water flowing over dam. Stone buildings. Houses. Sign Drink for the Thirsty, Food for the Hungry, Logging for the weary and good keeping for horses. By Job Burnham. [Burnham Tavern, Machias, Maine] Reel 19: (100 ft. dc 1930) 'Airplanes, pelicans.' Biplanes flying formations. Animal park.
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