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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2524.0004-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 4, Accession 2524
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1936 – 1937
Intertitle: “Back Yard Gang ’37 Reel No. 1” Title card with curtain falls down over words. Children play in snowy yard. Little girl pulls sled. Second little girl holds puppy. Puppy runs around yard in snow. One girl pulls another on a sled. Puppy runs toward camera. Little boys run in yard. Little boys holding hands, crossing the street in snowsuits. Second dog in yard. Intertitle: “The Gang – all Present [sic]” Little girls and boys hold hands (two girls, two boys), come across street toward camera, and then run through yard. Little boy rides tricycle on ice. Little girl rides on back. Tricycles and wagons on ice. Pheasants in a pen. Little boys play in snow (one with wagon, one on a tricycle). Intertitle: “the Junkman – on a busy day.” Little boy pulls wagon full of cans. Little boys pose with small dog in a little building with a sign that says HUT. Intertitle: “See the new Rubber Boots.” Little boy with sled runs through yard. Two little boys pull sleds in their rubber boots. Boys walk to the camera holding masks up to their faces. Mother looks out window of kitchen, comes out and laughs to camera on the porch. Little boys smile and say hello to camera with masks down. Man holds hands of little boys and walks toward and away from the camera. Intertitle: “Oh, HOW – do – you – do? [sic]” shot of woman in a fur coat. Three little boys walk down sidewalk near a car and then wave to camera. One little boy walks same path alone and up to camera. Little girl rides a tricycle around gravel driveway. Shot of large white house in background. Intertitle “With Howard & Debbie Beverly ’36.” Intertitle: “Miss Dianne Jensen” Shot of toddler/baby little girl, Dianne Jensen, in a harness. Father holds harness. Two little boys pose with mother. Boys come down slide toward camera, use see saw. Background shows parked cars and large wooden barns or warehouses, possibly workshops. Children slide down slide, can see other children swinging. Close-up of child swinging. View of buildings and parked cars. Houses. Shot of flag in the air. Little boys walk up driveway. Greenhouse in background. Boys walk up to camera. Shot of puppy running around yard. Another, smaller dog runs out of the house. Cat comes out from under a car. Smaller dog chases the cat (Scottie), gets treats from girl. Girl holds cat so dog can get near. Cat rubs on dog. Girl holds dog for camera. Shot of little boy sitting in passenger seat of a parked truck before two other little boys pop up in the driver seat and back seat. Shot of small dog in a snowy yard. Woman in fur coat with baby. Pheasants in snowy pen. Boys walk across snow-covered yard. Intertitle: “Miss Theo Hussey” Shot of little girl riding scooter up the side path along the house. Intertitle: “Where’s the Fire, Pete?” Shot of boy moving quickly on skis with no poles, and then a boy on skis with poles. Pheasant or bird on roof. Shot of dog in snow. Boys in yard. Intertitle “All dressed Up, I guess.” Two little boys walk up to camera with corsages on their tweed coats – both wear hats and smile at the camera. Shot of woman and boy on skis in the snow – little dog runs around between them. Boy falls down on bottom. Intertitle: “That was a Sitzmark!” Woman stands and smiles at camera. Shot of woman skiing down a small hill. Dog chases after her. Shot of little boy trying to ski down the hill. Another shot of the woman skiing down. Boy tries to follow in her tracks. The poles are taller than the boy. Man skis down holding boy from behind. Boy takes off skis, brushes them off. Dog looking at woman on skis. Woman skiing down hill. Intertitle: “Tough eh, Bud?” followed by young man in glasses and suit washing a car. Three boys sit on step on side of car, smile, hold hands, and walk to the camera. Close-Up of boy who lifts his hat to the camera. Intertitle with drawing of the Earth: “The End” Can notes: “Reel #1 of Series ; Back Yard Gang ’37 ; Titled Complete” Reel notes: “Back Yard Gang No.1”
Philip W. Hussey
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