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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 3, Accession 2524
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1937 – 1938
Woman in coat and hat sitting on edge of boat, smiling. View of water and shore from boat. Man blows nose. Woman lays under coat. Man holds a large lobster open for the camera. Shot of sailors coming in off of the SSS LONE EAGLE as read from life preserver. Other life preserver reads SSS REGINA. Man and woman play volleyball or some kind of sand ball game (no net) on the beach. Shot of the man and woman they are playing against. Slow motion shot of woman hitting ball. Shot of shore from moving boat. Sailboat. Shot of nearby boat. Shot of man pumping water out of his boat. Shot of sign that reads “500lb. Shark and Pilot Fish. Admission .10 Children .05” View of small fish in bucket. Shot of back of woman pulling line in with man on boat. Shot of boat full of men who wave to camera as camera goes by. Shot of large fish caught by shirtless man. Man with cigarette in mouth pulls in line with large fish on the end. Woman pulls in her line with small fish. Shot of water with whale swimming around in the distance. Shot of woman in bathing suit cleaning a fish. Chair lift up the side of a mountain. Women walking down hill. Woman and little boy in chair lift. Woman getting off of chair lift. Family in boat. Shot of fish on side of boat. Shot of large fish wiggling at the end of a line. Man pulling his fishing line into the boat. Family gathered on the lawn of a beach house. Little boy holds up a fish. Little girl refuses to hold a fish. Woman cleans a fish. Woman stands/poses in front of beach house in dress and looks at the camera. Bucket of fish. Dog and little boys on beach. Woman and man play with a ball in the sand. Men and women in rowboat pull the boat into shore. Woman sitting napping. Woman sitting on boat with man laying in her lap. Man has hat over his eyes. Fish being pulled in through the water. Pulled onto boat and put into bucket of fish. Man using large ribbon on stick, dancing around lawn. Cat on sidewalk, running from camera. View of mountain from chairlift. Views of chairlift structure and cars passing one another. Men gathered outside beach house. Sailors docking in boatyard. Can notes: “Wells Beach ’38 – Reel No. 2 ; Sea Scouts ; Phil Hussey.”
Philip W. Hussey
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