2 Copies of This Film
1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2524.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 1, Accession 2524
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1936 – 1937
Boys play on beach dig in sand, stand with boat on shore. View of cottages or beach houses in background. Boy spins around stick in sand. Boy dressed in white waves to camera. Sideways shot of boy playing in sand/shot corrected to vertical. Upside down shot of pushup in sand. View of water plane stationary on water. Shot of water and shoreline with houses and people. Shot of water plane in the air. Plane pulls sign behind it – illegible, last word resembles the word sale “ ____ _____ ______ SALE [sic]” Shot of plane landing on water. Dark footage of boy in small inflatable boat. Woman waves to camera. Man smiles at camera, gets rubber boots from car. Men on sea wall with young boys. Dark footage of dog tied up. Two boys play on the beach, build a sand castle. Use toy cars on sand castle. Dog on lawn. Women and men gathered on shore woman holds dog up for the camera. Camera pans across each person’s face. Shot of water, water on rocks. Wide shot of shore and water. Various shots of beach and waves. Men in swimming trunks wading into the water through the waves. Shot of waves and beach. Men in the waves. Small birds running along sand. Boys play with small dog and a large piece of driftwood. Dog tries to reach wood. Women and men sit around and watch (some in chairs, some on lawn). CU of small boy smiling at camera, sitting with an older man. Young boy and woman in dress smiling/laughing at camera. Intertitle: “Perkins & Park Co., Ltd. Boat Yard.” Shot of Woman hammering something on boat. Family gathered around boat. Intertitle: “First Mate – as Carpenter 1st Class.” Dark footage of woman hammering. Intertitle: “George – The Old Salt.” Shot of man in boat – man has dirty clothes and hat, white mustache. Two men talk around boats – wide shot of area and shore. Intertitle: “Principal Stock Holder.” Man woman shot from behind boat, another woman’s head appears. Intertitle: “The Skipper – not a normal Pose [sic].” Shot of man without a shirt holding a hammer up and posing for the camera. Intertitle: “Second Mate, Aboard the ‘Seabiscuit’.” Little boy sits on boat. Intertitle: “One of the Crew – sweeps up.” Woman in skirt and sneakers sweeps the inside of the boat. Shot of waves and water, shot of shoreline. Car pulls up. Intertitle: “Surf in the Cove.” Shot of waves crashing up against sea wall. Shot of birds flying around the water. Intertitle: “Moody Beach, in a Storm.” People on beach, shot of waves and beach. Man pointing out to horizon and water, shot of parked cars. Intertitle: “Lobster Pots Come Ashore.” Shot of men dragging and carrying lobster pots from the beach to the parked cars, one man carries one on his back. Shot of men gathered near parking area, one boy makes funny face at camera with thumbs in ears. Shot of what appears to be seaweed and buoys on shore. Shot of beach houses. View of sunset. Color footage of family in yard – large string of big fish being stretched for camera in front of house. Women on beach with dog. Shot of water and shoreline with beach houses. 360 degree view of beach. Birds flying in flock. Young boy, woman and dog run to beach. Two young boys pose for camera, one boy has a cast on his leg. Man poses with youngest boy on steps of beach house. Boy has cast. Woman in bathing suit walks into the water, looks back at the camera periodically. Wades into the waves. Women in suits on beach. Boys play in sand, one rolls a tree stump back and forth. Man walks toward camera. Young boys playing in the sand. Boy holds jar of sea water. Boys with young woman in swimsuits on rocks by the water. Women in swimsuits sitting on porch. Shots of puppy (dachshund) with people on porch of beach house. Shot of shoreline. Waves hitting the sea wall. Intertitle: “Up Mt. Washington ’37.” Woman poses on large cement wall. Man in hat smiles at camera, sits on same wall for camera. Shot of large locomotive – side says “SUMMIT” – shot of woman with locomotive – other sign says Mt. Washington. Large stone walls and small buildings. Man using large handheld screw or drill bit on skeletal wooden structure being built. Intertitle: “Was it Thick?” Man in hat and suit at top of large wooden pole or structure up in the fog/mist while pointing in various directions around his head. Woman stands in front of of car holding large magnet or bumper sticker that reads: THIS CAR CLIMBED MT. WASHINGTON, N.H. Man sits on bumper of car holding sign – man and woman hold signs, she makes pointing motions to indicate that she and he and the car climbed the mountain. Little boy holds the sign, sits on the hood of the car. Can notes: “Wells Beach ’37 ; Also Mt. Washington.”
Philip W. Hussey
This item is available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film
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