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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2523.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 2, Accession 2523
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1936 – 1940
View of truck pulling and moving section of small house or building. Men gathered around the truck, unloading house from bed of truck using slats of wood and rope. Dark footage of men working as a team to unload something from the back of a truck. Intertitle: “Erecting Belmont, Mass [sic] Grandstand.” followed by a shot of two men with survey equipment. Pieces of the grandstand organized on the ground, shot of men erecting it bit by bit, including view of what has been finished. Shot of men putting together next piece of grandstand. Various views of finished stand and surrounding area. Shot of ski jump construction site in the woods. Sometimes dark footage (the closer the shot is to the ground, the darker) including shots of men at the top of very large ski jump structures. Sign on small building reads: Structural Steel The Hussey MFG. Co. View of generating unit powering the site. View of mountains and snow-covered landscape and structures at the top of the hillside. Three workers stand on the partially finished ski jump. Man welding/soldering with torch. Two men pose on ski jump, one man comically pretends to ski down it. View of countryside from top of partial ski jump. Squirrel eating something sitting on a pile of steel parts. Shot of rushing water and construction of dam. Steel structure with men working on top. Wide shot of dam construction site with wooden scaffolding and bridge. Small wooden sign reads: Arnolds Landing. Man spraying steel pieces (painting?). Men working large drilling machine in factory or workshop setting. Shots of Badger’s Island Bridge. A tugboat on the water. Two men discussing the project who then turn and wave to camera. Shot of large buildings and mountainsides. Men working outside of building (Hussey workshop) – blow torch work, moving steel pieces in wheelbarrow, using chain lifts to move large steel frames. Shot of piles of pieces around building (rails and pieces to become the Sarah Long Bridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire). Men working on the Lowell, Massachusetts grandstand. Another shot of Badger Island Bridge in color. Shots of the University of Maine Grandstand and a Colby College – Univ. of Maine football game. Views of the Portsmouth Bridge in New Hampshire. Donor notes: “Construction in general ; setting up B. B. Ski Tow ; Belmont, Mass. grandstand ; Greenville, ME grandstand ; Berlin, NH ski jump ; Solon, ME dam ; Badger’s Island bridge ; Portsmouth Bridge rails at shop ; Lowell grandstand ; Badger Island Bridge – color ; U of Maine grandstand. Colby-Maine football game ; Portsmouth bridge.”
Philip W. Hussey
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