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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2523.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
3) nhf-2523_0001a.mov
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 1, Accession 2523
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1936 – 1939
Intertitle: “The WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS survey for, design and supervise construction of all Winter Sports Facilities.” ; Intertitle: “Scenes During Construction Belknap Mts. Recreation Center. Gilford, N.H. ’37 ’38 All work under supervision of the WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS” ; Intertitle: “County and W.P.A. Officials” followed by shots of a group of men and an outdoor work site. Intertitle: “Fred A. Coleman, New Hampshire’s Head man on W.P.A. Engineering” followed by shot of a man walking down a path toward the construction site. Shot of men building large wooden structure (future clubhouse). View of mountains. View of large slope for ski jump. Man holding thermos, talking to camera. Group of men sit at site and talk. Small boy steps up to pose for camera. View of large crane moving earth. Man hammers wooden stake into ground. View of cleared land and ski slope. More use of crane to move loads of dirt into back of a dump truck. Horse-drawn wagon with two men in it. View of construction site, men laying brick, scaffolding. Intertitle: “County Delegation Visits Ski Jump.” Shot of men touring site. Intertitle: “Ed Willey, resident engineer [sic] explains how the 60 metre [sic] jump was built.” Shot of Mr. Willey addressing the County Delegation group. Shot of men working. Intertitle: “National, regional, state and resident engineers talk it over.” Shot of men talking together at the site. Intertitle: “Ski chair tramway—erecting terminal structures.” Shot of men working on large steel structures. Intertitle: “Future resident engineers.” Shot of two little boys standing in snow, posing for camera. Intertitle: “New Hampshire’s Governor Murphy dedicates the Ski Chair Tramway.” ; Intertitle: “Gov. Murphy takes the first ride up.” Shot of crowd gathered and Governor Murphy riding up the chairlift. Intertitle: “The Cameraman is now riding up” followed by shot of crowd and slope side as viewed from chairlift. Intertitle: “The Governor on the down trip.” Shot of the Governor as the Cameraman passes by. Intertitle: “County Commissioner Joe Smith nearing the top.” Shot of Commissioner Smith on lift. Intertitle: “Hold everything, Joe!” Shot of man grabbing rope of chair lift as he begins downward trip. Intertitle: “View from top of 60 metre [sic] ski jump.” Shot of view from top of slope, view of mountains in distance. Shot of building. Shot of wooden structure (future clubhouse), snow covering part of the structure and construction site. Men looking at blueprints. Various shots of men working (stonework, woodwork, moving large beams into place.) Stone work, cement mixing, etc. Two horses being led by a man. Tying the chair line cable. Shot of parking lot and unfinished wooden structure (clubhouse) in distance. View of trees and mountainside – trees covered in thick layer of ice. Intertitle: “The WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS survey for, design and supervise construction of all Winter Sports Facilities.” Title card of a curtain closing. Donor notes: “Construction at Belknap building 60 metre [sic] ski hill ; Fred Coleman – eating ; Power shovel on roads ; Team of horse [sic] ; Stonework on bridge ; County Delegation visits the project ; Ski chair line ; Gov. Murphy dedicates chair line ; Comfort station ; Club House foundation ; Chair line after fire.” Note: no obvious fire or post-fire footage.
Philip W. Hussey
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