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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 23
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Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 23: Intertitle: 'Myopia Hunt Club. Sixteenth annual race meeting at Willowdale, October 20, 1928. Photography by the Ernest L. Vent Studio, Beverly, Mass. The Robb Studio. Salem, Mass. Tinted pan. wooden building, trees. Three women arrive for meet, holding programs. Men walk through field with long white wooden fence. (01:02) Man astride horse blows horn. Intertitle: 'The Willowdale won by 'Nimrod.' . . . Mr. W. Streett. Time. 1:04. 'Cherub.' . . . Mr. C. Shaw. 'Highfield' . . . Mr. C. Smith.' Horses with riders galloping down field. Horses break into 'run' past high wooden fences. Race shown in slow motion. Intertitle: 'The ambitious plate won by 'Flag of Fashion' . . . G. Clements. Time. 1:01. 'South Hamilton.' . . . R. Neander. 'Lady Dunbar' . . . Mahoney.' Horses moving down field. Some men walking beside horses holding bridles. Group of men walking in rear. Horses, riders at center of field. Race begins. Horses rounding bend. Field with standing spectators watching from right. (04:01) Race continues. Slow motion. C.U. jockey on horse. Waves his crop at camera. Another jockey saddling horse. Two men walking in field, one with cane. Men and women gathered in field. Two men approach short fence structure. One reaches down and removes an object. Woman astride black horse. Woman holds program. Two men preparing rider-listing board. Man has number listing in hand. Intertitle: 'The Turner Hill Cup. Won by 'Castle Bar' . . . Mr. C. Shaw. Time--5:21.. 05:00. 'Killfree' . . . Mr. F. Grinnell. 'Red Lassie' . . . Mr. A.F. Sortwell.' Horse, rider galloping down field. Man walks, holding bridle of horse with rider behind. Couple walk arm in arm. Horses, riders, people walking. L.S. racing horses, parked cars. Film blurry. Pan. racing horses, trees. Pan spectators, horses racing. Crowd watches horses rounding bend. Horses scale hurdle. Pan. field, low trees. Horses scale hurdle in background. (07:00) Race. Pan. wooden hurdles. One horse knocks slat out of hurdle. Film still blurry. Field with surrounding trees, hurdles in center. Trees at side of field. Slow motion horses scaling hurdles. Horse-rider gallop, normal motion. Spectators. C.U. jockey astride his horse. Another jockey on foot. Has cloth item in hand. Man presenting trophy cup to woman. Intertitle: 'The Myopia Challenge Cup won by 'Silver Sand' . . . Preece. Time. 7:54. 'Lipingo' . . . Mr. C. Smith. 'Black Pepper' . . . Mr. W. Streett.' Horse ridden by MC, announcer. Blanketed horses in background. Horses, jockeys move forward led by men on foot. Pan. race beginning, cars parked in field. (10:00) Hurdle jumping. Horses rounding bend, scaling hurdles. Pan. spectators, field, track, hurdles. Film tinted. Rider falls off horse after hurdle. Man in business suit helps fallen rider. Spectators. Trees, grass near hurdle. Horses scaling hurdles. Pan. field, trees, horses in background. Parked cars. Two men walk in field. (13:00) Two horses gallop down field. C.U. jockey astride horse. Three businessmen walking down field. Man leads horse away by bridle. Businessmen converse. One chews on cigarello. Women talk with businessmen. One woman smoking cigarette. Intertitle: 'New England Hunts Team Cup won by Quansett Hunt Team.' Jockeys on horses enter field. Men on foot lead some horses by bridle. Trees near field. Horses gallop, approach hurdle. Pan. running horses, parked cars. Spectators watch horses scale hurdles. One horse knocks top slat of hurdle to ground. Trees, horses after jumping hurdles. Group of horses enter track, commence hurdle scaling. Parked cars. Field, nearby trees, horses racing in background. Pan. field, trees, horses slowly scaling hurdles. Film grainy for past two minutes. L.S. Field, trees, hurdle. (16:03) Horses running. Two scale hurdle in unison. Pan. parked cars. Horses galloping. Horses scale hurdle. Horses sprinting. L.S. spectators. Three boys race to end of crowd for better view. Intertitle: 'First to finish 'Joe Choate' . . . Mr. E.S. Webster, Jr. of Norfolk Hunt Club.' C.U. jockey astride horse. Businessman holds horse by bridle. Hound dog jumps off ramp. Group of hounds follow, frisk about horse and rider. Man in riding habit. Pan. mounted men in riding habits. Hounds play. Intertitle: 'The End.' (End Reel 23)
John Howard

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