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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0019-.0021_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 021 (P9)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 21 (P9): [no can/reel notes; dc 1937; omitted from xfer due to extensive vinegar condition] note: book by Price (A Bad Case of Moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 21: 40:56. People in street, trees adjacent to academic buildings. Large group people assembled on walkway. Women in white uniforms. Left-tracking pan of academic buildings with trees of grounds. White-uniformed women. Women in dark graduation gowns. Closer view the same. Graduating women. Two by two white uniformed women enter building. Women in graduating gowns follow behind. Two men at side watch. Column. Side entrance of academic building. 43:00. Now a long procession of white-uniformed women. Continuation of the same. Deans, distinguished speakers in their graduation attire. Women in graduation gowns with white appended scarves in back. Man. Marching band on athletic field. Academic buildings in background. Football team enters field. CU of calendar. Family at table eating. Candles on table. Various members seated at table. Some are in costume. Young man sucks on baby's bottle. Some point upward with fingers. Game of 'pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey'. Donkey drawn on cloth. Young man makes attempt to pin the tail. Girl lying in easy chair. Girl sits beside of her. Girl is blindfolded and turned around a few times. Pins tail way above donkey. Young man now tries his luck. 46:03. He is successful. Pigtailed girl watches from side. Girl sticks something in mouth. Boy tries to get it. Woman talking. Various family members sitting in room. Man laughs, points outward. Man has hat made of newspapers. Girl has same, differently shaped. They dance around. Girl at side has different newspaper hat. Another boy and girl with varied newspaper hat. They twirl around. Two girls. Hats, fun continues. Right-tracking pan. of the varied people and their hats, costumes. Pan. now moves to the left. Exterior of 'Cresco' railroad station. Snow scene. Sign: 'The Inn at Buck Hill Falls.'. 49:01. Snow-covered ground. Bare trees. Truck motors down road. People stand in back. Exterior of home. Person in doorway. Shadows make hard to discern. Horse-drawn sleigh comes down road. Woman walks on skis in yard. Someone descends steps of home. Three women. Boy. Boy waxes skis in background. One after another skiers begin downhill journey. Woman has fallen at end of run. She rises, walks forward. Another skier descends slope. Scan snow-covered ground. Man skis downhill. Woman skis down. Girl rises from have fallen down at end of run. Skier descends. Young man skis down. Skiers at bottom of run. Skier clumsily tries to walk uphill on skis. She loses balance. She falls flat on her face! Smiling, she rises. Makes progress. Group of skiers. Young man grasps rope as he is hauled upward. 52:09. He falls down. Other skiers try to walk up hill. Young man ascends smoothly while grasping rope. Another follows him. Trying to ascend, girl grasps rope, but falls down. Young man ascends. Refusing help, she rises and successfully ascends grasping rope. Two young men follow. Young girl smiles. Two young men descend from top of slope. Non-skier walks at top of slope. Two young men ski down. Trees silhouetted. Snow-covered ground. Skier jumps from top of snowbank. Descends. Another does the same. Other skiers at top of slope. Young girl smiles. Wisp of hair falls in mouth. She blows it aside. Girl with skis spread wide. Young man falls and slides between her legs. Young man, girls sit on skis, trying to use them for a sled. Young man rises, but girls remain on skis in sitting position. 55:04. He sits on skis. (There is only one girl.) They descend on ski sled. Stone wall. Skiers at bottom of run. Girl has skiis on shoulders. Woman points. The group of skiers. Some walk by holding skis in vertical position. Man throws snowball off at side. Snow-covered slope. Skiers walk on road and then cross over to snowy ground. They walk forward carrying their skis, poles. Waterfall in center of snowscape. Group young people. Young man makes and throws snowball. Waterfall. Water surface just below waterfall. Waterfall flows into it. CU rushing waterfall. Snow, boulders, foliage at right of waterfall. Icicles. Scene tracks to right. Family group at side. Water surface. Waterfall. Group of people. Man falls down. Herd of white huskies, sled dogs. 58:06. They pull man forward as he stands on back of sled. Man and dogs walk past group of parked cars. Woman grasps lead dog by collar. Three youngsters seated on sled. Man stands at back as dogs draw sled forward. Car moves forward. People emerge from home. They are two women. They descend path. Railroad tracks. Women standing outside of railroad station. Emanating steam, train approaches. Women walk forward. Passengers dismounting and some entering train. Four young men at car exterior. Young man packs items into trunk of car. Girl sits on snow-covered ground as crouching young man talks to her. Man descends steps of home. Carries pillowcase used as dufflebag on his shoulder. Porch of home. Woman emerges from interior. She adjusts her coat and descends steps. 00:13. Parked car. Family group talking at foot of steps. Car with skis attached to top. Garage. Cars parked at exterior. Family walks across yard. They talk, gather by car. Family members enter car. Young man stands outside talking to others within car. Car drives off. One arm waves out of window. Two people silhouetted on porch. They wave as car goes into distance. Young man with hands in pockets in yard. Exterior of gas station with pumps. Man working beneath car. Man at right of car. Car, passengers drive away. Older male attendant by gas pump. (End of Reel 21.)
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