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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0020-.0022_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 21
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 6/97 (intertitles in quotes): Reel 21: (15:00) 'The Thirty Sixth Race Meeting. The Country Club, Brookline, Mass. June 17, 1926 First Day Photography By C.P. Robb. The Myopia About Six Furlongs Won By Horse Green Dragon Rider C. Crawford.' Man in riding habit on white horse. Names of riders shown vertically on film. Film is color tinted, faint like pastels. Horses racing down track. Spectators in stands. Cupola. Pan horses racing. More racing. Quick LS spectators. MS horses and jockeys. Horses catching up with leader. Two men watch from track fence. Pan of track and three horses racing. Board with name of racers shown quickly. Three horses, one leading others. Crowd in grandstand. Pan of crowd. Horses. CU board with numbers and names. MS jockey on horse. Man pats horse. 'The Millwood. About Four And One Half Furlongs. Won By Horse Jenny Dean Rider F. Thorndyke.' CU board listing riders, numbers, clock with Roman numerals. Pan crowd in grandstand. Jockeys on horses racing on track. People standing in field. (18:03) More racing and spectators. Men wearing white hats. More of the race and spectators. CU board listing riders. CU jockey and horse they approach grandstand. 'The Chestnut Hill Horse Show Steeplechase About Two And One Half Miles. Won By Horse, Stalwart. Rider, A.F. Sortwell.' CU board listing riders. Pan field and track. (19:02) Horses begin race. Pan of crowd. 'The Liverpool Jump.' Crowd, field, trees. Horses jumping. Hurdles are close clipped shrubbery as well as fences. Horses jump the hurdles in rapid succession. Pan crowd one man rises. Horse and rider sprinting down track. Horse trots. Man on foot approaches horse and jockey. 'The Chamblet Memorial Steeplechase, About Two Miles. Won By Horse, Uhol. Rider, Bethel.' (20:00) CU board with names. LS horses starting race. Pan spectators in field. 'The Water Jump.' CU horses and jockeys racing. More racing and jumping. One horse and rider linger way behind. LS individual horses scaling hurdle. Pan field, fence, horses. Horses come into the home stretch. Crowd. CU of lead horse. CU board with names and numbers. Men walk across field. Man places blanket on horse. 'The Challenge Cup Steeplechase. About Two And One Half Miles. Won By Horse, Beau Brummel, Rider, B.R. De Collaert.' CU board naming riders. Men in field talking. Pan horses starting to race. Spectators. Horses jump hurdles. One horse lingers behind. Quick shot of rider thrown from horse. Spectators. More jumping. (23:00) Spectators. Pan racing horses, field and surrounding fence. Horses jump. One horse without rider nears jump but hesitates. More racing and spectators. Horses raise dust on track. Sitting and standing spectators. CU jockey and horse. Man walks up to them. Groom pats horse. 'The Thirty-Sixth Race Meeting. The Country Club. Brookline, Mass. June 9, 1926. Second Day. The Quansett, About One Mile. Won By Horse, Auld Lang Syne. Rider, L. Madden.' Board listing riders. Long pan of spectators and horses racing down track. Shots alternate between grandstand and horses racing. Two horses sprinting together. CU cupola. (26:00) One horse has the lead. 'The Groton, About Four and One Half Furlongs. Won By Horse, Millenium. Rider, F. Dougherty.' Board with names. Spectators and racing horses. CU jockey on horse. Man pats horse and leads it away. Crowd begins to disperse. 'The National Hunt Cup Handicap Steeplechase For Hunters. Won By Horse, Beau Brummel. Rider, B.R. de Collaert.' Horses racing across field. MS crowd standing as horses enter track. (28:00) Crowd. Horses jumping hurdles. Two men enter field, one pats dog. More jumping. Man in white hat stands in grandstand. CU jockey astride horse near grandstand. Man leads horse by bridle. Woman walks behind horse. 'The Eastern Dog Club Steeplechase, About Two Miles. Won By Horse, Loch Ayr. Rider, C. Crawford. Time 4:49.' CU board with names. Men walking across field. Two men in white hats. One man in grandstand smokes cigarette. Man in straw hat is writing. Shot from behind of spectators watching horses. More shots of spectators and horses. Horses jumping. (32:00) Jockey on horse walks by men in field. People in horse drawn carriage. 'Finis.'
John Howard
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