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1) 2177.0043_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2177.0043-.0045_BSP
3) 2177.0040-.0045_DVD
[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 43
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1936 – 1937
Can Descriptions
Box label: 'Jun. Hill Family Color 1936-1937.' // Film is faded, images are stained. // Film was moldy - cleaned.
Viewing Notes
DVD slate: Reel 43. Jun. Hill Family 1936-1937. Dark; puppies with young man on grass. Dennison shadow shooting outdoors. Young man crouched over with puppies investigating. Faded color or b&w: child on lawn in swimsuit, in water with toy boat. Lake with diving board. Girl diving. Toddler at edge of water. Running on plank to water. Stockade fence in background. Children swimming and diving. More beach activities. B&w: boy with two young Airedales. Toddler in rustic chair on lawn. faded color, children on lawn, girl in sleeveless red top. Man and boy walk up lawn. Man lifts little girl. Little girl against sky, a cookie in each hand. Man swings her. She is wearing rubber pants. Woman riding in outdoor ring. Girl on pony joins her. Dark, children inside playing instruments. Mother with children, continues underexposed. Dropping child back in play, an action repeated in other reel(s). Faded color or Kodacolor, fall. Toddler in leaves with dog. Mother walks to camera; girl and dog. Man with pipe holds girl. Girls scuffling in leaves. Garage with children on bicycle and wagon. Quiet street. Boy pulls wagon along sidewalk behind his bicycle. Then girl does same. She is wearing red dress. Birthday cake with two candles, two year old with chin barely at table height holds spoon. Makes a face with spoon in her mouth. Blows out candles. Eats cake. B7W, baby propped up, underexposed. Glass plate with three fish on it, underexposed and out of focus. Boy with dogs, continues underexposed, faded color. Man throws ball for dogs on driveway.

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