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16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent
2) 1488.0013_VHS
3) 1488.0013_IN3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 13
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 13. 'Camp Katahdin 1935, 200 ft., Camp Katahdin 1936, 150 ft.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 13: 23:03. Intertitle: '1935 & 1936. Camp Katahdin.' Group of boys doing aerobic exercises outdoors. Individual boy bending, twisting. Track group shot of exercising boys. Boys walking down field. Coach in lead. 24:01. Man holding boy toddler in his arms. Small group adults. Boys playing baseball. Homerun struck! Boy at bat. Coach, older man assists boy player. Coach demonstrates how to bat. Trach shot field, boys playing baseball. 25:05. Group of boys with tray-like objects in their hands. Another boy displays what looks like a belt. Another boy has long stick. Boy with wooden pail, slab of wood. Lake surface. Sailboats on lake. Two boys, older man on shore near water. Group of boys with tennis rackets. Coach demonstrates 'lobbing', how to strike tennis ball. 26:00. Boys begin 'lobbing'. Two boy campers. One on right salutes. Boy swimming. Two boys clad in swim trunks. Three boys dive in for swim. Waves, foam as boys swim. CU boy. Boy walks down pier. View of pier, diving area. Boys swimming. 27:00. Boy swims forward. Another boy joins him. Two boys at oars of rowboat. Boys in diving area. Shot tracks to right revealing lake surface, motorboat. Boys diving. One does 'jackknife.' Two boys rowing boat. Group of boys standing about. One does twisting exercise. Boys playing baseball. Group boys including camp counselors. 28:06. Group runs forward. CU blonde boy. Another boy who tips his hat. Diving board, pier, boys swimming. Boy immersed in water. Only his head is visible. He swims forward. Group boys, wading, splashing in water near shore. 29:00. CU teenage boy. He is in rowboat. Quick shot his buddy opposite him. Two girls walk down pier. Boys in canoe with very strange sail. Boys outside of their tents. They are being inspected for personal cleanliness. Inspector checks interiors of tents. 30:02. Coach writes on pad. Track shot group of boys. One lad yawns. Small group of boys outside cabin. They enter cabin. Wash on line outside cabin. Boys on porch of cabin. One sits on railing. Boys, counselor at foot of cabin steps. Boy has small snake. Lake surface, evergreen trees on shoreline. Left track shot of trees. 31:00. Pan. of lake. Canoes, rowboats. Right track of shoreline evergreens, tents. Boys, man and woman. Canoes inverted on their stands. CU boy. Vertical track of boy with snake in his hands. Holds snake aloft, caresses it. Pan. lake surface, shoreline evergreens. Pier, diving area. Bushes growing in water. 32:01. Woman holding bouquet of flowers. Boys in diving area. Boy at oars of rowboat. (This section of reel has a very pale pink tint which is almost gray.) Boy paddling very small rowboat big enough for only one person. Teenage boy dives in for swim. Succession of boys dive in, swim. Boy does backward 'jackknife.' More divers, swimmers. Older man does expert 'Jackknife'. 33:09. More diving, swimming, boat rowing. Individual boy swimmer. Boys assembled on pier. Older man jounces on end of diving board. Jackknifes into lake. Swimmer rubs his eyes upon standing in water. Group of boys packed into rowboat. Exiting from the rowboat, they go swimming. Man on elevated platform in diving area. 34:02. He dives into lake. Another man somersaults from top of platform. More swimmers dive into water from platform. Couselor walks down pier ramp. CU man wearing sport jacket which says 'PA'. Men on diving platform, one on top level, another beaneath him. The men dive. CU swimmer wearing rubber cap. 35:00. He straightens his trunks, makes fervent dive. Pan. of swimming area, pier, tents. Boy, man walk down pier. Camp buildings. Trees on shore near lake. Boy swinging tennis racket. Boy with horseshoe. Man casually swings oar. Group of men, coaches, counselors. They walk forward. Man smiles genially. Older boy combing his hair. Boy swinging golf iron. Two men, one after the other swing 'iron'. 36:00. Group of boys, coach with monogrammed sport jacket. Two men and boy. Coach 'chucks' or tickles boy under chin. Bare-chested young man walks along. He smiles. Rear shot coach walking. Wooden buildings, lake, trees along shoreline. Right track pan. of area. Pier, sparse trees, wooden frame between trees. Boy runs in area. Boys on field. 37:02. Tent area. Older man runs bouncingly forward. Boys playing basketball. They take turns trying to throw ball into net. Coaches join lone boy. Boy wearing shirt which extends over shorts. 38:03. He waves. Teenage boy in his trunks. He carries towel. He pauses, scratches himself. Boy with shirt over shorts walks along. Pier, diving area. Boy skips down diving ramp. Canoes inverted on their stands.
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