4 Copies of This Film
1) 95-40.0033 - 95-40.0035_IN3/4
2) 95-40.0033-.0035_F8
8 mm film; Silent
3) 95-40.0032-.0035_IN3/4
NTSC video (interlaced); 3/4inch-video; Silent
4) 95-40.0032-.0035_VHS
NTSC video (interlaced); VHS; Silent
Mediterranean cruise--Dassler family--home movies. Reels 33-35
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reels 33-35: Cargo-liner 'Jesse Lykes'; cargo is loaded by longshoremen, using forklifts, for departure from Houston; Houston's industrial shore zone; smokestacks billowing; ship's deck and rigging; passengers relax in deck chairs; 6-7 passengers are depicted wearing life jackets (perhaps a safety drill); rough seas breaking over ship's bough; large passenger liner passing by, taken from deck of cargo-liner; medium shots of passengers chatting on deck taken as ship enters the port of Genoa, Italy; panoramic view of city's buildings; commercial wharf and dock cranes; city buildings, pedestrians, streetcars, traffic, public monuments, street vendors, town square w/fountain; Romanesque cathedral facade and architectural detail; 'Piazza della Vittoria', a large formal square with arch and terraced gardens; Riviera towns of Portofino and Rapallo; harbor/marina, sailboats and other small craft at anchor; town buildings; 3-4 stories of masonry or stucco with awnings at street level; verdent terrain rises abruptly in background; storefront windows displaying classical sculptural figurines; flowers in town environs; harbor as cargo-liner approaches Naples including commercial wharf, loading cranes, tugboat, harbor signal tower, residential building, commercial warehouses; a row of 4 story apartment buildings; Herculaneum's archeological excavations at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius; the configuration of the sites buildings is evident; pedestrian walkways; a wall mural; a middle aged woman walks among the 'ruins'; a display case apparently filled with artifacts from the site; (dimly lit) shot at the workshop of a cameo craftsperson; close-up of worker carving cameo at toolbench; open water and coastal mountains as cargo-liner approaches Greek coast with ship's passengers in foreground; crews unloading cargo onto dock (oil barrels); along the Turkish coast.
John Carl Dassler
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