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16mm film; [350 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Silent; b&w
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3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-1375_0005
March 3 2019 at 19:16:42
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 5
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Can Descriptions
5. 1929--Feb 17, our flight, Feb 22, snowman, Palm and, Mar 31, Easter Sundays.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 5 :17:40. Man enters coup'e car parked in yard. Child runs forward in yard. Snow on ground. Man opens garage door. Coup'e is driven into garage. 18:05. Man carrying two small cases walks over to child. Man who parked car in garage walks across yard. Man plays pattycake with child. Child walks away as the two men smile. One of the men beckons child back. Other man picks child up, hugs him. Child runs past toy on ground. Woman appears in yard. 19:00. She pulls pulltoy along, trying to interest child. Man crouches down, waiting for child to come to him. He hugs child. Child runs forward. Woman also picks child up and gives him a hug. She puts child down. Child returns for another hug. While holding child, woman talks, waves. Child walks down closed, wooden bulkhead exterior of cellar doors. Child climbs door as man watches. 20:01. Man extends arms. Child runs down door. Hand in hand, child and man walk away. Man crouches down. Child runs to man for a hug. Man bobs child up and down while holding him. Child breaks away from man. Woman runs after child. Woman waves by wiggling fingers of both hands. She claps hands. Child returns to man crouched down. Man adjusts child's trousers. Child runs off. Group parked cars. Front of car. 21:00. Crowd gathered at airport. Sign on hangar states: 'Metropolitan Airport'. Men wheel airplane onto runway. Plane flying in sky. Crowd standing in airport. Policeman walks forward. 22:00. Plane on runway. Left tracking pan. of hangar area. Other planes in area. plane ride. Silhouettes of plane frames, window. Track shot of distant land below us. Track pan. of parked cars on ground of airport. Pov. ride continues. The grounds of airport below us. Wing of plane dominates shot. 23:01. Buildings of town below flying plane. Right tracking pan. of landscape below. Two communities intersected by river. Underside of plane. Silhouette of diverse structure. Exterior of plane. Small, barrel-like part of plane. (Here photography has become too light, faded.) Wing of plane, exterior structures. 24:03. (Photography now improves.) Repeat of shot. Side wing of plane. Land below plane. (Poor, overexposed photography once more.) Extensive bridge, other ground structures. 25:02. Land jutting out into water. The appearance of small islands. Long bridge below. Wing of plane. (Photography improves.) Exterior appurtenances on plane. ride over water, river. Shot becomes flickery, jerky. Plane on runway. 26:01. People on runway. Plane is landing. Its propellers still spinning, plane rests on runway. People disembarking from plane, others entering plane. (Normal photography now restored.) Wing of plane. Man emerging from doorway of home. Snow on ground. He unfurls American flag. He clears away snow in yard using his foot. Exterior of home, shrubbery laden with snow. 27:04. Man stands flag in yard. Child descends brick steps of home. He speculates walking on path that has been cleared, but decided to walk in snow. He loses balance, sits in snow. He rises. Coup'e car arrives in yard. 28:00. Child standing in snow. He walks through snow. Totters a bit. Walks on. Man standing near doorway. Child stands near him. Child hits what appears to be bunny made from snow. Man is building snowman in area of yard where American flag stands. He is making arms for the snowman. Frontal shot of completed snowman. 29:00. Man at top of steps with child. Man sits child on sled. Man pulls child along on sled. He pulls child into snowman-flag area. Flag is flying in breeze. Man and child walk hand in hand through the snow. They walk up to snowman. Man points to snowman's coal buttons. 30:18. The two resume their walk. Man emerges from home wheeling child in carriage. He wheels carriage carefully down brick steps. Child rides kiddiecar down sidewalk. He uses legs to manipulate kiddiecar. He has pull-toy attached to back of kiddiecar. 31:00. Man crouched down playing with small plush animal. Child approaches with pull-toy dog. Man nudges dog with plush toy. Man sits on kiddiecar. He rides on it, using his legs to keep it in motion. Child walking down bulkhead cellar door. He grasps railing on house for support. Man holds child in lap as man rides kiddiecar, using legs for motor power. Child dismounts as man continues to sit on kiddiecar. Calendar on exterior of home which only states: 'Easter 1929, March 31.' Two men in doorway, child also. Two men descend steps as one of them holds child's hand. Woman emerges from home. A second woman emerges and descend the steps. 32:01. Man helps child onto tricycle which is on the sidewalk by home. He gives child gentle push. Another man gives child push while other man watches. Woman arrives to give brief word of advice to child. Child dismounts, but resumes sitting on tricycle. Woman watches as man gives child a push and child pedals tricycle. Woman watches as man helps child. 33:04. Woman offers bouquet to child, now standing beside tricycle. Child and another woman sniff bouquet. Woman points to tricycle. Child approaches it again. Woman positions child for riding and gives him a push as he starts pedaling. Man sits on tricycle while child watches wheels carefully. 34:00. Child mounts tricycle once more. Family group on front steps. Two women sit in gym chairs. Men sit on steps. Ladies wave. Man holds child who seems occupied with reading material. Woman has long stick. Man scratches knee. Child stands beside woman. They look at book together. Woman rises. Child takes her place in gym chair. 35:01. Woman helps child adjust to chair. (End of Reel 5.)
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