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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 27
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1931 – 1932
Viewing Notes
Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 27: [East Brach Penobscot River. Salmon fishing Penobscot River 1931-1932. Bangor Penobscot Salmon Club. Opening day. Salmon breakfast. Paul savage. Green Lake 1940. Salmon trolling in spring. Trout Brook Farm near Moose River 1940. Bob Robertson.] Airplane flying over water. Mountains. Filmed from scenic turnout? Men gathered around car at East Branch of Penobscot River in T6 R8 Manie. Various views of river. Log bridge. Large grey horse with halter in grassy paddock. Man walking with pointer type dog in woods. Man on snowy shore in foreground and people in boats on river. (11:52). Men fishing in rowboats on very choppy water. Houses and industry on far shot in front of dam. Bangor? Man hauls out a huge fish onto shore. Salmon? Several men in suits and ties standing in front of cabin. One man in knee high boots holds up huge fish. Large picnic tables all set and in a row on shore. Man with white mustache. Hat and suit gets out of car and goes to a building marked Private for Members and Guests Only. Penobscot Salmon Club. (13:57). Many shots of cars parked outside club and guests arriving. Snow covered houses and fields. Man in fur coat and hat. Men playing in snow. (14:40). Model A ski mobile. Two men cooking meat outside on a rotisserie. Canvas windbreak. Man with liquor bottle stands outside and talks through a window. Man lights match by striking side of liquor bottle. Man in boat catches small fish. Men in motorized row boats. Man washing his face an neck in river. Men getting out of car at a state picnic rest area with covered picnic tables. Man standing in front of boy horse with blaze harnessed to an open wagon. Men unloading gear from cars and putting on their rubber boots. Some lighting cigarettes. Man patting harness horse on face. Another man adjusts harness. Group of men drinking in front of rustic log cabin with wood shingled roof. Two men wave the camera to follow them onto a path into the woods. Men sitting at long table eating. More men in boat fishing with Mountains in background. Men with backpacks and rods and paddles walking through woods. Man in tie leaning out open vertical window joking with camera person. (20:20). Man in pretending to spoon something out of another man's coat pocket. Men are drinking. (20:28). Cletrac equipment. Tractor? Man taking a still photo of motion picture camera with farm scene in background. Men working on tractor that is towing sled with group of men on it. Two men with rifles walking behind. Men stop and eat and drink around campfire in a clearing.
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