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16mm film; [325 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1375.0034-.0036_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
3) 1375.0034-.0036_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w, Color
4) nhf-1375_0036-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:13:39
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 36
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Can Descriptions
36. Kodacolor--Nov 6, 1935, Halloween costumes, Nov 8, pumpkins and San's pie, Re San Paul & Tom. Nov 9, San in soldier suit, Nov 24, San and Tom in first snow. Bonus pan--Dec 4, Tom home from hospital, Dec 9, first outing in his [birthday] suit, Dec 20, Santa at nursery school, Dec 24, hanging socks. Kodacolor--Dec 25, opening socks, tree and gifts, Jan 5, Tom and San, new clothes, Jan 20, snow house, Jan 26, coasting, Jan 28, nursery school slide and home, Feb 1, skating.
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes:Bogart. Reel 36. 35:46. Two children in Halloween costumes at front exterior of home. Tall child is ghost. Shorter one wears mask on face. Smaller one turns around to reveal large bow tied in back. Shorter one turns about again. 'Ghost' turns around, wears hood such as Klu klux clansmen wear. Short child has a balloon cluster. Balloons have pointed protrusions resembling ears. Child turns balloon cluster about. Ghost shakes head 'no! no!'! The two enter house via screen door. 37:04. Little girl emerges from home with carved pumpkin. She sets it down on front step. Quickly she steps inside screen door and brings out frowning 'Jack-O-Lantern.' Pumpkins symbolize comedy and tragedy. Girl unfolds paper and extracts small object. She re-wraps object and takes it into house. 37:53. Two boys walk down sidewalk. One boy sits beside little girl on front step. Two little girls and boy descend steps. Little girl hauls another in cart or wagon. Little girl in uniform sweeps sidewalk with toy broom. The uniform is too large for her. She adjusts hat, stands smiling. 39:04. Winter. Snowy ground. Little girl in snowsuit. Boy behind gathers snow. Girl walks around. She adds snow to section boy has gathered. Girl removes snow from mittens by rubbing hands together. Boy continues with snow construction. Girl adds snow to construction. Boy pats down snow. 40:19. Woman emerges from car. She carries bouquet wrapped in paper and magazine. Little boy smiles from back seat. Man enters car and lifts little girl in his arms and walks across yard with her. 40:44. Formally-dressed boy emerges from home. He enters back seat of car, but reemerges in company of little girl. Boy has small paper bag. Little boy and girl stand side by side. They ascend steps of home. 41:20. Group of children with woman. She points outward. Two women and children bring fir or future Christmas tree forward as a group. Tinsel on the tree they set in sandbox. Snow commences descending as Santa Claus appears. Santa waves as he enters yard. He motions 'Come hither' to children. Children cluster about Santa as he sits in front of tree. Man and women in background. Snow continues to fall. Santa joins group as woman talks before tree. Group, women, children, Santa. C.U. Santa waving. Children gather around him. Woman walks up to him. C.U. smiling woman with small circular package. 43:12. Mantle clock crowned with statue. Track down to fireplace. Boy and girl sit on floor. They remove their socks. They hang socks over fireplace. Little girl climbs on small ladder so that she can attach sock to mantle. She sits on ladder top as boy joins her. They both smile. They sit on floor. Both have removed only one sock. 44:30. Christmas tree aglow with lights. Downward vertical shot of the tree. Little girl places present beneath tree. Boy does so also. 44:50. (Film now turns sepia tone.) Two small ladders in front of fireplace. Boy removes object from sock hanging there and removes sock. Girl does same. Man approaches to aid her. Boy reaches into sock and removes another object. Girl shakes her sock. Boy sniffs object. Boy continues reaching into sock. Girl removes small clothing item from sock. Looks to be doll's clothing. Girl holds aloft item on string. Boy removes another item from sock. 46:10. Mantle decorated with small creche or manger scene. Boy, girl by table laden with gifts. Upward vertical shot of Christmas tree behind table. Boy examines gifts on table. He takes one. Girl does same. Sitting on floor, they unwrap their presents. Girl holds toy car aloft. Boy scissors his present open. 47:06. Coupe car motors down road. Girl and boy emerge from car with paper items in hand. They ascend brick walkway. Girl pauses. They turn and walk down walkway. Stand for photo. Wave. Boy touches girl on her head. Girl extends papers. 48:22. Girl descends hill on sled. She grasps rope attached to front of sled. She hauls it back up hill by rope attached to front. 48:40. Woman, man emerge from car. Woman lifts trunk lid. 48:49. Shadowy shot. Appears to be boy and girl aboard sled. Chunky snow on ground. Girl makes short downward sled journey. Boy lies on stomach, descends on sled that way. Holding rope on front, girl makes short sled descent. Boy runs down to her. Boy and girl playing in snow. Group of children in background. Other boy skates by. Two boys walk on skates.
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