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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1519.0046-.0049_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 046 (F16)
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1965 – 1970
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 46 (F16): Flying Moose Lodge film, reel one. note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 46. 01:23. Road in woods. Trees on each side. Sign: 'Flying Moose Lodge'. Woodland road. Thick grove of trees at right side of road. People walking by cabin at left. 02:00. Two men walk into cabin. Grove birch trees. Man with clipboard in hand stands before group of boys. The young men are sitting on the ground. A few sit on cabin porch. Left-tracking pan. of group of young men. 02:36. Balloon is extended from string wrapped around tree trunk. As balloon is swung around, young men try to grasp it. In background, young men are playing table tennis. 02:47. Young men on wharf, small platform at edge of lake. They wear swim trunks. Swimmer dives from edge of diving board. Another swimmer climbs out of water and scales small ladder at side of platform. Water surface is in motion. Tree branches silhouetted at side of shot. 03:09. Young men move hockey sticks about in small wooden squares which are on ground. Puck is in box also. A game of hockey minus skates or ice! One young man reaches down, secures object and hurls it away. 03:28. Mountainous area intercepted by road. Expanse of evergreen trees, horizon. Right-tracking pan. of copiously-treed mountain side. Lake surface in immediate distance. Closer view of tranquil lake. Pan. of area continues. 04:05. Group of young men assembled on wharf. Young man in boxer-type swim trunks. Young man smiles. He wears hat and has object around his neck. Young man with oar holds two separated fingers up. Swimmer dives into water from edge of board. Young man waves as he walks on diving board. Other young men on wharf fool, make comic gestures. Young man dives into water from side of wharf. Another dives backward into water from back of wharf. Another swimmer jumps from front of diving board. 05:00. Group of swimmers in water. Group of young men assembled on shore. In this area, just a gangway board leads up to shore. Swimming continues as group on shore observes, talks. Swimmers swim vigorously forward. Some swimmers back paddle, swim backwards. Young man in boxer-type trunks dives into water. Group of swimmers. 06:12. Swimmers raises arms above his head. Placing palms of his hands together, he repeats the motion. Group of young men beside him do the same. Leader and group repeat the exercise. 06:31. Leader swims forward. Other young men in group enter the water. Leader holds young man by his heels as the latter swims forward. Leader talks to young men as he stands in water. He then swims. Young men watch from side, their feet dangling in the water. 07:08. Young man smiles as he swims. 07:12. Young man leaps out of canoe into water. He swims back to canoe and enters it. He sits down, takes oar and paddles. He paddles backward, stands, deliberately capsizing canoe and ends up in the water once again. 08:08. Young man uprights canoe, reenters it and paddles it along, though it is completely submerged under water. Another young man in conventionally-oared canoe approaches. He arrives to help out his buddy who has capsized his canoe once again and is swimming. He lifts capsized canoe out of the water and places it across center of his upright canoe. He uprights canoe and places it back in the water. 09:02. Four young men row two canoes, two to each one. Other young men stand on wharf. Copious evergreen trees of shoreline. Young men swimming. Two young men jump out of canoe into water. They reenter canoe. Now two young men repeat former motion of abandoning canoe and jumping into water. Young man watches from side of wharf. Two rowing canoe. 10:01. Fleet of canoes, each one heavily manned by young men, are paddled on lake surface. Sail boats moored at shore. Fleet rounds platform in lake. Copious evergreens of shoreline. Canoe crews row vigorously. Two rowers. One wears glasses. 11:01. One boy-rower vigorously wielding oars. Sitting almost midway between bow and stern, he rows backwards. 11:16. Biscuits in hand-held, portable ovens. Ovens are placed on ground. Above is poultry on spits or long sticks. Camp or barbecue fire under ovens is cooking biscuits. Blazing campfire, shielded by a pile of stones. Fire dying down in square enclosure, the biscuits. Poultry strung at side. 12:00. Outside, man cuts meat on butcher's block as group of young men observe. Butcher applies cleaver and knife to cut of meat. Young man places poultry at side of block. Butcher has divided meat. Meat is placed in frying pan. Adjacently pie has been cut into pieces. Individual slice of pie is placed in pan. Another piece served in like manner. 12:48. Group of young men eating. 13:01. CU young man eating, enjoying pie. He 'spoons it in', giving himself a blueberry stain mustache. Another young men chewing, enjoying pie. Young man with empty pan. Older boy eating. Young man beside him is stretched out on ground. Others are also supine. Young man wields axe on felled tree trunk. He continues chopping. 14:01. Continues to wield axe vigorously. Other young man joins him. He wields axe in same manner. He reaches down and goes on chopping. (End of Reel 46.)
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