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1) 1949.0004_BSP
BetaCamSP; [00:19:00]; Silent; Color
2) 1949.0001-.0005_VHS
VHS; Silent
3) 1949.0001_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Lauren K. Woods—home movies] Reel 4
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Toddler in walker/stroller outdoors learning to walk and push the walker. Mother or caregiver helps push. Same child in high chair, playing with toy. Dark and shadow. Sitting on floor cushion, playing with toys. The toddler is presented with doll. View of toddler in hat, sweater, and leggings on sidewalk. Two women exit an apartment building; woman and baby wave from window above. Dog and two toddlers on grass. Outside log cabin, a toddler girl on a leash plays with her father. Woman feeds the family dog. Girl plays with wagon. Views of the log cabin exterior, toddler with puppy playing outside, and walking with dog and mom with toys. Probably taken near the Lippitt Players Barn Theatre in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Color footage views of Garth (?) in Florida- views of women by shop, pans of sandy beach in Florida. Toddler (Sally) with older woman, holding flowers, being held by Garth (?). Woman posing for camera. Some underexposed. Views of Lippitt Country Club (Cumberland, RI). Girl on beach, views of lake, kids walking through woods toward camera. Views of theater exterior with props being constructed outside. Various cast members walk around, work on props. One man carries a stuffed squirrel. Pans around theater building. A sign says "Barn Theatre". Cast members sit around outside, mostly out of focus. Lobby card: "Lippitt Theatre (Final Week Adults Only) Lippitt Players The Primrose Path". Pan pictures of the cast. Sign on roadside: "Lippitt Theatre Lippitt Estate Country Club" . Views of Barn Theatre. Woman greets woman visitor, probably one of the primary cast members, Marion Thompson. Lobby card: "Lippitt Theatre Grand Opening, Lippett Players, Sat June 10 to June 18 [1950?]. Presenting Marion Thompson. 'To My Darling Daughter' ." Cast comes out of theater with scripts in hand and greet the visitor. Donor notes: Lakewood--Sally, Boston--Sally, Lippitt--Log Cabin, Garth--Florida, Cast--Theatre". .
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