4 Copies of This Film
1) 1375.0048_F16
16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0046-.0048_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0046-.0048_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0048-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:11:24
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 48
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 48: (36:01) (overexposed) man walking down ramp w/ luggage; man and boy carry trunk out of house and on to cart; woman and girl come out door; boy carries guitar case; man locks door, carries luggage off porch; (overexposed on boat) Captain unloads boat to float, packs car; slow pan of harbor (overexposed and out of focus from 38:12-39:53) girl w/ puppy, kids in costume; (39:54) girl coming out of front door w/ jack-o-lantern, girl puts something in cardboard box; boy and girl playing on porch, throw ball at camera; boy in tree, girl swinging below; boy riding bike around tree; boy climbs down swinging ladder from tree; boy riding tricycle on driveway; girl walking up tree-lined street in hat w/ feather and orange coat w/ black trim; boy and man join her; boy shows off suit; (42:58) girl shows camera guns; girl and another girl come out of house each carrying gun, boy is next; dark snowy yard; two girls make snowman in yard; girl sleds down yard; boy skis; painting or picture of nativity scene; (45:50) girl walks through deep snow; boy shovels driveway; boy in snow fort; girls approach and enter; girl rubs her rear end; boys shovel more around porch; girl and boy w/ three women and man posed, dressed up; father joins them; they all wave; father brings out two-wheel bicycle for girl; she rides it in driveway; two older women and man watch from front porch (49:10)
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