4 Copies of This Film
1) 1930.0011_F16
Film; 16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1930.0007-.0011_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w and color
3) 1930.0007-.0011_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1930.0007-.0011_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
Winter scenes in Vermont, Dartmouth-Harvard game, 1940--Fitch family--home movies. Reel 11
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Credit: Scott Bohlen Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Black-and-white and color home movies of the Fitch family in 1940, including winter scenes around Montpelier, Vermont, and a Dartmouth-Harvard football game in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Can Descriptions
Notes on can: 'Xmas Pelier [?], Colony Hills, Billie & Ben [?] before we were married.' // Note on reel: 'Harry & Bess, skiing, Blanford, 220, B[?] Hudson, Boston, Dart[mouth] & Harv[ard] Game '40, Baileys.'
Viewing Notes
Woman skipping in snowy yard; skiing; sign for an inn (too dark to read name); exterior of inn with sign stating 'Luncheon 50 cents'; woman walking up to inn and posing on steps; face shots (man and woman); shot of boats in harbor; fishing boat coming toward camera; tugboat and crew; shot of ships in harbor; car ferry (named Daniel A. MacCormack); man and woman on pier walking toward camera; tugboats; football stadium, marching band; football game; fans/spectators on football field; shots of people and trees (film deteriorating); men and cars; more deteriorating film; family antics in the yard; exterior of cabins; shot of lake; pier and rowboat; shot of lake; young man on pier; woman in boat; young man holding up very small fish; woman on dock; man washing car (poor film quality); shots of people, cars, houses; man and woman washing car; lake shot; family at lake; crowd of cars and people on shore of lake; woman and man sitting in car with open doors, drinking; man offering little boy drink from beer bottle; family (one woman obviously pregnant) next to car.
Fitch family
Football, Family
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