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16mm film; [475 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
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11) nhf-0760_0001 16fps-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Harrie B. Coe--Maine promotional film]
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circa 1930
Viewing Notes
This is a 16mm reduction print. // 1930 date code on film. // Film has twist and edgewave throughout. // Travelogue: Title: 'Limestone from Rockland...' (one or two frames only); views of people being lowered into lime quarry on a platform. Shoveling lime slabs, raising lime on crane platform out of quarry. Several hundred feet to top. Rail cars full of lime pass by. Title: 'Harvesting blueberry pie...' Crew with baskets goes into field. Using blueberry rake. Title: 'The blueberry rake is a Yankee invention, which means the farmer can comb a dozen acres and never miss a berry.' Pathe Review.' Probably this story was produced for Pathe Review, reused in this state compilation. CU rake in use. CU blueberries on branch. Title: 'The harvester picks six bushels a day' view of two bushels. Man holds basket over head, pours berries out to clean leaves. View of winnower. Interior of factory, two lines of women at table, another view of women cleaning berries. Men work canning machine, steam. CU cans of blueberries. Title: 'The Maine Sardine Pack reaches nearly two million cases yearly having a value of $7,000,000.' Views of dory, man hauling net full of sardines. Title: 'Eastport is the center of the sardine industry.' Two men in dory haul in net. (good view). Title: 'Where the subways got the idea of packing 'em in.' Dory full of sardines. Two men paddle. Shovelling and raking sardines. Title: Ready to place between two crackers with a little lemon juice added.' CU hand holding can of sardines. Title: 'Full Blood Cheviot Sheep. 1000 of them at Long Branch Farm Bowdoinham, Maine, W.B. Kendall owner.' View of sheep moving (water damage.) Title: '...scotch shepherd dog...' Dog herds sheep, camera pass back and forth, quick cuts. Crowd on hill. Title: 'W.B. Kendall on the right, the owner of the sheep.' View of three men. [William B. Kendall, 1856-1939] Title: 'Portland, Maine doubles its population during the summer months because of its tourist attractions.' 'Portland's water front and Harbor from the Chapman tower.' (damaged footage, scratched, foggy.) Title: 'Within fifteen minute ride of Portland's City Hall is the rugged coast line of the Cape Elizabeth Drive.' Dark pan of landscape, flag, person dives into rock pool. Child swims with inner tube; CU of child in swim cap. (poor quality). Views of ocean, rocks in foreground. Waves break on shore (scratched). Title: 'The tang of salt sea air and the odor of pine and balsam make it easy to be healthy in Maine.' Title: 'Cathedral woods, Eustis, Maine...' woods. Title: 'The Rangeley Region is made up of rushing cascades, sparkling lakes, quiet streams, and an active summer vacation life.' Waterfall. Camp, people and dog emerge. Boat with motor, large man in chair in boat fishing. Guide with net stands behind him. Guide displays fish to fat man in chair. Dock. Cook out. Table, picnic. Title: 'State of Maine Publicity Bureau [script at top of frame]. As they do it at Middle Dam in the Rangeleys.' Fishing, man in boat casts fly rod. Sparkling water. Same title style with same heading, 'A seven pounder comes to the fly of Dr. James W. Jobling of Columbia University.' Man from rear, reverse angle, he catches fish. Title: 'Living up to the tradition of Middle Dam the doctor returned his salmon to the water just as the camera film ran out.' Views of lake. 'Title: Only a few of Maine's Manifold Attractions have been shown--come and see them all.'
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