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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 104
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circa 1942 – 1944
Viewing Notes
Reel 104: Archie Stewart can notes: The War Years. Screening notes: Faded color. Slo pan from rooftop of commercial area of unidentified town. Sign for Marks Furs in FG. [Probably Detroit, there was a Marks Furs in Detroit] VS of skyscrapers and rooftops, rail station[?]. Large [water tower] painted checkerboard pattern. View from cockpit of plane taxiing on runway, aerials of residential area, city, landing. VS of airplanes on ground. Men in uniform checking planes. Tilt up: airplane overhead. Man and Ann riding horses. [Jamie Johnson, Dearborn Realtor and close friend; Dearborn Michigan, 720 Gulley Road, Hafer house, Rob Golding and Ann] Group on horseback, Mother, Ann and Mary. Mother feeding chickens. Archie Stewart in uniform. Archie mowing grass. Young woman sunbathing on lawn. Moving shot: Three men in canoe with outboard motor, crossing lake. Grandpa and Grandma Stewart in canoe. Group of people standing on lake shore, Archie in uniform. Archie and parents, Rob Golding. Large launch traveling on lake. VS of tree branches heavy with apple blossoms. Ann with chicken. VS of barnyard, horse with nursing colt, turkeys. At Brand's on Gulley Road. Men playing golf: teeing off, putting. George Northrop, McGrath. Hen with chicks. Ann with bowl of newly picked vegetables, standing in front of rows of corn stalks. Woman [Mary] hanging laundry on line outside. Archie hoeing in garden, picking [tomatoes?, squash?, corn]. Ann picking flowers; dahlias. Archie loved dahlias. Archie tending fire in brick barbeque. Ann and Mary riding. VS flowers.
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