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VHS; 62 min.; Sound; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] VT3 (part 2)
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1990 – 1991
Donor-supplied Notes
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Videotape 3 Part 2 8/12/90-2/27/91 8/12/90 Picnic with George and Janet Maharay. John, Tara and Moira Hafer present. 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. Ann Hafer, Edith Sutphin, William and Virginia stop in Newburgh en route to New England. 9/01/90 Picture of Mary Lou's painting of Fallbrook railroad station. Airport branch of Newburgh Post Office 12555. "Stewart" on post mark. 9/20/90 Squam Lake. Abby eating breakfast. New Bridge, opened April 21, 1990. Wind chimes. Mother painting bridge. Archie enjoying his 80th birthday boat, "best gift ever." 10/29/90 Airport. Sylvia. Somebody else taking pictures of Archie at some ceremony with Gov. Cuomo. Cuomo gives speech. 10/03/90 flowers 10/18/90 At airport waiting for Ann and Reggie. 10/20/90 Archie and Mother's wedding anniversary. Nana and Ralph (?) at Ship's Lantern Inn with Ann and Reggie celebrating anniversary. 10/21/90 Ann and Reggie departing from airport. 10/26/90 Inside Stewart Airport control tower. I'm there with Archie. Fred and I and Ralph posing with picture of Lachlan Stewart in Airport Commission Meeting Room. 12/24/90 Moira. Whole family at Tom's house on Rochester Street, Arlingotn, VA. All in plaid or kilts posing for group picture. Group includes Edith Sutphin, Ann and Dick Maguire. 12/24/90 Lunch with George and Janet Maharay at Laurel Brigade Inn in VA. 12/25/90 Opening Christmas gifts. 01/15/91 Ann and Dick Maguire visiting in Newburgh. Nice picture of Dick. Jean, new cook, in kitchen. February Nice pictures of Moira. Moira in Newburgh backyard. Charlie as puppy. Archie showing array of beloved picture that he had in furnace room. 2/26/91 Airport Commission meeting room. Jim Wright, Mother, Abby, Mary Kelly, Elizabeth Sauls. 2/27/91 Mary and Elizabeth preparing birthday dinnera t 388 Grand Street. Dinner in dining room.

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