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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 056 (C3)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 56 (C3): 400 ft. B&w. Si. Woody Woodpecker. 'Cholly Polly.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 56. 19:17. Intertitle: 'Official Films presents 'An adventure in animation.' 'Cholly Polly'. House. Dishes with names on them, Harold, Myrtle. Dog and cat sleeping on floor. Dog yawns, wakes up. Parrot looks down from crossbar. Intertitle: 'Sweethearts, hmmph! How disgusting!' Parrot walks off of bar, hovers in air and returns to bar. 20:11. Parrot opens book, 'Mein Kempf'. He reads book intently. Page of book: 'Mein Kramp. Sow suspicion. Create trouble. Divide and conquer.' Parrot closes book. 20:25. Cat rubbing head against dog. Parrot replaces book. Pulls feathers down over eyes in attempt to look Hitlerish. Goose steps, Nazi fashion to end of bar. Parrot floats down to stool. Intertitle: 'Hey, bub, come here.' Dog and cat on rug. Parrot motions dog to come to him. Dog obliges. Parrot pats dog on head. Intertitle: 'I like you, see?' Dog licks parrot's face. Parrot whispers in dog's ear. Intertitle: 'Don't trust that cat.' Parrot continues whispering in dog's ear. 21:15. Cat sleeping on rug. Parrot whispers to dog. Intertitle: 'She's gonna get you.' Gesturing, parrot talks to dog. Parrot gestures toward cat. Intertitle: 'G'wan, bite her!' Dog returns to cat. Dog yawns and lies down with cat. Parrot cringes in rage. Feathers flying, parrot grabs 'Mein Kampf' and resumes reading it. Book page: 'Mein Kramp. Try a stab in the back.' 22:07. Parrot replaces book. Flies down and tries to awake sleeping dog. Dog runs around room. Cat arches back. Parrot comes from behind curtain. Intertitle: 'What'd I tell you!' Parrot talks to dog. Cat arches back. Parrot talks to cat. Screen intertitle: 'Watch out for Harold.' Parrot continues talking to, whispering in cat's ear. 22:39. Parrot approaches dog. Talks to him. Cat's back arched. Angry. Parrot talks to her. During this time, animals have been walking beneath rug. Parrot approaches dog. Intertitle: 'Don't be afraid.' Parrot pushes on dog. Dog becomes angry. Parrot runs beneath rug and approaches cat. As dog and cat face each other, parrot comes between them. Intertitle: 'Well, go ahead, fight!' 23:07. Parrot flies away. Dog and cat face each other. Appearing to fight, they reconcile, rubbing heads together. Parrot looks down from bar, enraged. Parrot walks upside down, beneath bar. Feathers fly, as he lies on floor, staring with reconciled dog and cat, with rage. 23:28. Parrot with box of catnip. Pours entire contents in cat's dish and takes it over to cat. Sleeping cat sniffs catnip. Cat grasps aroma cloud exuding from catnip and rides on it. Parrot sets dish in front of cat and cat eats from it. 23:55. Dog is fast asleep. Parrot tries to wake him. Parrot points, talks to dog. Intertitle: 'Look! Hitting the catnip again.' Parrot continues gesturing, talking to dog. Cat eating catnip. Parrot talks to dog. Dog places paws over head. Intertitle: 'I'm sorry, pal.' Dog and parrot talking. Cat douses herself with milk from dish. 24:20. Intertitle: 'She'll get you yet!' Parrot points to cat. Cat frolics in milk. Parrot's feathers land on dog's head as parrot pursues cat. Parrot high up on cupboard. Intertitle: 'What'd I tell ya!' Parrot points to dog who wears cat's dish on his head. Cat approaches dog, rubs against him. Cat forms lips to kiss dog. Symbolic heart exudes from cat's mouth. Cat jumps up and down, hits dog over head with dish. Intertitle: 'She did it again!' 24:52. Parrot points from atop bar. Cat begins kissing dog. Dog pushes cat away. Parrot arrives and whispers in cat's ear. Intertitle: 'Don't take nothin' from him.' Parrot talks to cat. Cat doubles up fist. Cat does gymnastics. Intertitle: 'You takin' dat from her?' Cat doubles up fist. Dog hits cat. The two fight vigorously. 25:13. Parrot dances triumphantly on bar. Opens 'Mein Kampf', drops it. Dog and cat continue vigorous fight. Stars and clouds pop forth. Cat and dog read 'Mein Kampf' together on floor. They are amazed at the negative writing. They look at parrot laughing atop bar. On opposite sides of bar stand dog and cat. They grab parrot and a fight breaks out. 25:49. They knock parrot through window, leaving his outline on glass. Rain begins falling and parrot emerges from beneath 'Mein Kampf'. Parrot tears up the book. Intertitle: 'I'm a baaad boid!' Rain continues to fall as parrot holds cover of book. (End of 'Polly Cholly.) 26:06. Intertitle: This film is licensed solely for non-theatrical and home use. Any other use strictly prohibited.....' 26:07. Intertitle: 'The Loan Stranger. A Walter Lantz Cartoon'. Woody Woodpecker driving a convertible. Steering wheel comes off of car. Car has burned, collapsed. Sign on building: 'Sympathy needed. Borrow on your own car.' Woody ropes up car. Dusts hands triumphantly. He taps with beak on door of loan firm. Proprietor rushes from desk to door. Intertitle: 'A Customer!' Fox loan shark opens door and bows. Intertitle: 'Knock! Knock!' Fox turns to observe Woody destroying desk with his beak. Fox approaches. Intertitle: 'A loan?' Woody reads chart on desk. Fox arrives and extends money. Money states: 'One buck'. Intertitle: 'Pay back in 30 days or lose your car!' 26:53. Fox grasps Woody by the throat. Car collapses outside. Smoke rises. Intertitle: '30 days have elapsed. So has Woody's memory. Fox knocks on Woody's door. Woody opens door. Fox doesn't notice when Woody creeps beneath his legs. Intertitle: 'Did somebody knock?' Woody returns within and closes door. Fox is angry. Intertitle: 'I'll fool him!' 27:19. Fox crouches in cellar door. Dressed like a postman, Fox pedals bike to which a 'Rush' package is attached. He arrives at Woody's door with a birthday cake. Woody looks down from a window. Fox shouts up to him. Intertitle: 'Birthday present!' Woody opens door and grabs cake just as fox is about to grab him. Fox grabs box which is a mouse trap. Woody throws cake through door at the fox. Fox grabs vase from table and hits Woody over the head with it. Intertitle: 'You broke my head!' Woody motions in agony. Fox laughs. 28:02. Woody keels over on floor. Fox stands pleadingly over him. He uprights Woody who begins drilling floor with his beak. Fox has horrified expression. Intertitle: 'I'll forget the loan if you'll speak to me!' Fox cries. He looks at paper. Makes exasperated gestures. Woody jumps up. Intertitle: 'Okay! Lend me something on the clock!' Woody extends cuckoo-like clock. He throws clock and begins running. Fox throws clock at Woody. Clock falls on Woody and he pushes his beak through opening at clock top. Intertitle: 'The End. Castle films. Copyright 1948. United World Films, Inc.' Cartoon. Intertitles. Official Films present, 'Flip, the Frog.' 'Stormy Seas.' A Celebrity Production.' 28:47. Ocean liner emits smoke as it voyages. Ocean. Scowling-faced cloud appears. Blows on ocean with its mouth. Laughs as storm begins. Lightning comes out of cloud's mouth. Sweeps ocean with lips. Sucks up ocean water and spews it out. Parrot in a pail. He jumps up and down as rain falls. Ship wafting over waves. Lightning spells out S-O-S. Parrot looks with horror as ship wafts on waves. Parrot grabs bow. Parrot ties rope to self. Dashes into ocean. Goes up one wave and down another. 30:00. Woman parrot in bow of boat embraces male parrot. Rain descends. Male parrot uncoils rope. Cat on other ship catches it. Rope unwinds as long underwear descends from overhead rope. Male parrot and woman parrot enter long underwear. Cat and smaller companion reel rope over to their ship. Parrots emerge from back of underwear. They kiss passionately. Heart appears. Other animals convene around them. They reenter underwear. (End of Reel 56.)
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