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16mm film; 250 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0025-.0030_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 025 (P13)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 25 (P13): [no can/reel notes; dc 1939] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 25. 06:00. Ground surface. Lawn. Little boy, woman and small dog on lawn at foot of steps. Woman takes something from little boy's hand, gives it back to him. 06:03. Group of women before building. All women wear white. They walk forward. One woman carries hat. Others carry cloth items. Woman stands before door of changing room. She walks coquettishly down walkway before the changing room. Other woman watches from side. 06:56. Another woman emerges from changing room. She waves. Woman with towel in hand talks to woman at foot of changing room exterior railing. Woman smiles at changing room door. Other woman pops out from behind the open door. 07:26. Woman walks forward carrying bundle of wood, kindling. Smiling, she reaches down and secures stick which she has droped. 07:33. Group of women in bathing suits. They are assembled by beach campfire. Little boy is with the group. Silhouette shot of adjacent trees. Woman waves. The group eating, talking. Woman eats while crouched on ground. Little boy. Woman dances about with blanket in hand. One woman waves as group disperses, walks away. 08:26. Three women walking toward changing room. Quick shot of field, trees in area. Woman hands towel to another. Women continue walking. 08:39. Man wearing bathing suit is rowing canoe. Woman crouched down in adjacent motorboat. Swimmer dives off of wharf. Swimmers in water. Woman dives off of wharf. Woman swims in water. 09:17. Group of people assembled on sidewalk. Parked car. Man emerges from rowboat. Woman strums clownishly on ukelele. Man, woman leaning over. Three women in canoe. Man crouching over canoe. Woman in bow paddles with oar. Man in stern does same. 10:07. Sand. Jackknife on sand. Young man pounds peg with jackknife. Shadows on sand. Man continues to hit peg with knife. Woman's face as she leans down into sand. 10:38. Two women attired for swimming. Man swims forward. Woman does same. Another woman jumps in from shore, swims vigorously. Quick shot foliage, sand. Man jumps into water. Swimmers. Water surface. 11:06. Picnicing group. Two picnic chests with eating utensils attached to interior covers. Reclining woman uprights self. Reclines once again. Other women sit near her. Left-tracking pan. of group. Man holds two hands aloft. Man with hand on woman's head. Woman holds jug up to another. 11:37. Woman sits on beach very near water. Small dog is in front. Dog shakes self. Tide, foam is coming landward. Looking to camera, in modest gesture, woman covers exposed legs with towel. Dog runs along beside her. Woman spreads towel and lays on it. She pulls on legs of bathing suit to make sure she is modestly covered. Tide almost covers her. She looks up, places one hand behind her head and smiles. She talks as she touches her hair. Another woman of the beach. She wears pointed hat similar to dunce's cap, beach robe. She carries bag, wears dark glasses. Woman who'd been on beach before joins her. Dunce cap woman waves. The two walk up beach. Sparse bushes, beach shrubbery. 12:50. Group assembled under and near beach umbrella. Man with dark glasses and others are eating, picnicing. Robed woman throws sand. The group eating. Robed woman crouches down and secures bun. She glances up. Two women. One points to water. They stand talking. Male down beach, skims rock. Tide, waves incoming. Top of woman's bathing suit imprinted with anchor. Women continue to talk. C.U. of the two. They extend conversation. Anchor-suited woman smiles, sticks tongue out. 14:31. Waves, incoming tide. Man runs down beach. Two portly women wade in water. Man runs up beach. Anchored suited woman skips as tide comes in. She dons bathing cap. Incoming waves. Man wades, beckons woman behind him to follow. Dog walks in water. Water all but covers dog. Woman recives dog. Draws his front paws up to her legs. Two women run through waves as their fury increases. Dog drying, licking self off with tongue. 15:46. Family emerges from home, awninged door exterior. Woman motions two remaining men under awning down steps. Another woman motions third man down with others. 16:17. Older couple. Fence, foliage in background. The man talks, points outward. Woman talks. Man is smoking cigar. Group of women descend steps of home. Donned in robes, they are preparing for swim. Washing hangs on line in yard. 16:44. The women, hair askew, in a group talking. Two women, man emerge from home. 17:18. Two women in bathing suits on porch. They reenter house. Two women on beach. One helps other by adjusting back of bathing suit. 17:35. The women assembled on wharf. One sitting on rail talks. Another woman smokes cigarette. Bare-chested man reels in fishing line. Water surface. 18:02. Woman now casts fishing line. She smooths hair. 18:18. Home exterior with wash hung on line. Women ascend steps. Others stand on porch. Young man ascends steps. Man removes shirt. Another man expectorates over railing. Man carrying pole ascends steps. 18:55. Group stand on roadside in area. Two women, aboard a bicycle built for two, pedal by. Roadside grass, sparse foliage. Women encircle area aboard tandem once again. Car motors by. Two men grasp bicycle by handle bars as women dismount. (End of Reel 25.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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