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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
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[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 26
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes for reel 26, 10/13/1998 JS: Pan. white pleasure boat. Young man stands at mast. (22:05) Pan. harbor. Breakwater. Pan trees, foliage along shore. Man with rifle pointed into water from bow of boat. Another man watches, holding square box and fishing net. Dips net into water. Third man stands at mast. Net man assisted by man with rifle. Three men on deck. Steering gear visible. C.U. churning black ocean waves. Fish jumps. Fish snagged on line. Waves. Fish jumping. Foaming waves rise higher. (25:04) Fish line pulled in from ocean. A small black and white whale has been caught. Rope being looped around anchor of boat. Victorious fishermen sitting on edge of boat. Whale against expanse of ocean, mountains, horizon. Boat moves, whale dangling from pole. Crew assembled around edge of boat. Whale loosened from pole. Cook smokes cigarette. Ship's cook and another man preparing to fillet whale for cooking and other uses. Fillet whale using knives. Cook cuts meat of whale while other man watches. Cook smiles and sharpens knife. (28:02) Cook works with whale meat on cutting board. Whale meat, cook's hands. Pan. fleet of boats in harbor. Mountains near ocean. Ocean, trees photographed from window of boat moving toward shoreline, trees. Woman sitting in front of table. Man resting on bunk waves at camera. Man sitting in chair smokes pipe. Man in bunk stretches. Pan. ocean, shoreline, snow-capped mountains. C.U. Captain at ship's steering wheel. (31:02) Captain pauses to scan ship's logbook. Captain turn's wheel sharply. Pan. fir trees along shore. C.U. fishing boat in dock. Men sitting on pier, one pats dog. Two men stand on landing. One man peers through object. Woman does same. Two women and man walk across landing to meet man and woman on landing. Woman pats dog. Landing, adjacent rough wooden buildings. Man paddles row boat. Pan. water, fir trees, snow-capped mountains. Bow of fishing boat with captain at wheel, two people boarding. Pan. water, trees, mountains. Fishing boat's rigging against water, trees, mountains. Rigging, boarding steps. Formally dressed man descends steps to greet crew of approaching row boat. (34:02) Passengers of row boat disembark and board fishing boat. Shoreline. Man standing in doorway of white, wooden cabin. Woman fishing from shore. Smiling, she reels in 'catch.' Man wading in water dips fishing net. Wades further, captures fish in net. Woman with pole on shoreline. Young girl wades into water, casts with fishing pole. Water ripples. Young boy wading into water. Casts line. Person on shore casts line, catches fish on line but retrieves with net. (37:10) Person lowers net to let fish escape. Recaptures fish, holds aloft. Fir trees with dividing brook. Men near shore of brook standing on boulders. Two men in outboard motorboat. Man on left smokes cigarette. Little boy aboard also. Fishing boat. Pan. fishing boat exterior. Deck with rigging against trees, mountain in distance. Ocean. Two people in rowboat. Man rows. Pan. shoreline, trees, mountains. Man in row boat casts fishing line. C.U. wake of boat, fish hooked on line. Man leans over side to secure fish on line (41:00) C.U. fish on line. Man reels in fish. Cook in galley sharpens knife, fillets fish. Shelf with condiments, spices. Cook opens two-door refrigerator. Cook with knives in hand. Fillets fish. Points toward pot on stove. Young boy on deck of boat feeds worms to small bird resting on paper towel. Bird eats worms hungrily. Boy holds bird. C.U. bird's fluffy head. Bird flaps wings. Group gathered on deck looks on while man adjusts gears. Man in bathing suit sits on edge of boat. Pats boy on shoulder. Woman makes exaggerated gestures with her hands. Rigging, water, people swimming. C.U. man holding rifle puts rifle down, picks up small white box. (44:00) L.S. man in row boat [sculling], mountain, highway in background. Pan. water, man rowing, mountains. Man walking along shore, hauls boat in water by rope. Man builds fire, cooks food in pan held over flame. Fence made of limbed trees. Bearded man standing in snowy area at side of mountain peers through binoculars, something attached to back. Snowy mountain range. Man walks downward on snow. Pan. snow, fir trees. Main in outboard motorboat starts motor. (47:02) Boat moving. Trees, grass, wooded area. Two deer, one darts away. Shot is faded. Deer on shore. Two deer jump over road, run into woods. Pan. deer walking along shore. Waterfall. Wooded cliffs near water. Pan wooded mountain side, fir trees, water. Man in tall reeds at water's edge looks through binoculars. Pan. water, mountain sides, snow-capped peaks. Man in cave. Silohouette man sitting on shore. (50:01) Man points, sits again. C.U. dead white animal in tall grass. Man skins animal with knife. Lake. Bearded man rowing boat. Pan. lake. Foliage. Man skins big animal [bear]. Lake with tall fir trees at shore. Interior of cabin. Men's clothing handing from pegs on wall. Lantern, coffee pot, teakettle on stove. Main in chair active with hands, seen from rear. (53:06) Pan. cabin interior with shelves, small wooden chest, wall, bed, table with slatted chair. Cabin exterior with buckets, mops hanging from side of building. Man sitting at table cutting or combing white object in hands. C.U. bale of grass hanging from rigging on ship. Man smiling, speaking, winking. Young boy holding aloft two halves of a [large clam shell]. Lowers halves of shell. Cook standing inside divided door pours coffee. Pan boat's exterior, rigging, cabin windows. Sweatered man standing on deck. Another man in overalls stands beside him. Coiled ropes. Pan. large spools for rope storage. (56:02) Boy on deck. Woman twists boy's arm in fooling gesture. Woman stands behind boy twirling length of string or rope. Woman sits on edge of boat. Boy trying to tie rope. Pan. lake, fir trees, snow-capped mountains. Lake, firs, mountains. Pan. lake, wooden homes at edge of lake. Fishing, pleasure boats lined up in water, mountains in distance. Foliage. Ice, snow around lake shore. Shot poor. Pan. ice flows on lake. Two men look into lake from boat. Three crew aboard boat raising sail. Captain raises young boy and woman playfully aloft as they cling to rope. Woman and boy wave, swing slowly whole holding onto rope. (59:01) Captain swings them further into air. Pan. lake, fir trees. (End reel 26--Part I) Reel 26, part two: (00:01) Two boys climbing rope. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Snowy mountain ranges. Boy on deck of ship jumping rope. People assembled at campfire. Paper thrown on fire. Water surface. Evergreen shoreline trees. (01:11) Boy and two men in rowboat. Bearded man in stern does rowing. Water surface. Evergreen shoreline trees. Pan. Duck flies over. Tall, wispy shoreline grass. Egg lying on ground. Breeze wafts surrounding reeds. Tall evergreens surrounding lake, water surface. Reeds, shoreline cove. Three people in rowboat. [Beaver dam.] Sparsely-branched trees, slender trunks. Moss or possibly bird's nest hangs from one branch. Low-lying foliage. Rain. Copious shoreline evergreens. Snowy mountain range. Illuminated water surface. (03:51) Evergreen trees, low-lying shoreline foliage. Woman and two men in rowboat. Extended from right is square device with large holes in it. Woman looks up. One man has rifle. Woman points. Man stands in stern. Pulls rope to start motor. As boat zooms along woman shields eyes as she looks upward. Man waves. Boat skims along leaving wake. (05:01) Family working on ground. Man digs in with shovel. Man sits peeling potatoes with knife. He is outside. Places peelings in one pail and potatoes in the other. Family eating outside. Woman drinks from cup. Boy rises. (06:08) Mild whitewater rapids. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Man, woman and girl eating outside. Man dips tin cup in kettle. Boy washes dishes in lake water. He is standing by canoe. Hooked instrument in water. Boy with handle of instrument. Instrument is two-pronged device for spearing fish. Girl is with boy. Both are in boat. Spear beneath illuminated water. Speared fish is lifted out of water. Crab speared with same device. Underside of crab. Shoreline evergreen trees. Illuminated water surface. Boulder in water. (08:41) Man stands in water fishing. He casts line. Water surface is illuminated. Man holds two caught fish aloft. Evergreens. ( Black cloud or blemish at right of shot.) Pan of area. (Blemish now gone.) Illuminated water surface. Shoreline evergreens. (09:41) Man wearing glasses checks steering gear of boat. Anchor raised from water. Man working around interior gear of boat. Gear, machinery of ship. (Slight blemishes, flickering in gear shots.) Man making entry in ship's log. Machinery, similar appurtenances of ship. Cabin, bed with pillow. (Shots are still blemished, flickery.) Right pan. area. Mirror. Garment hung up. Bed. (11:28) (Blemishes, flickers now eliminated from film.) Water surface. Shoreline trees. Mountain range in distance. Horizon with clouds. Pan. Three pleasure boats side by side. Mountain side. Evergreens. Building on shoreline. Clouds of horizon. Craft in water. Aforescribed photographed from window with frame visible in shot. Ship's flag. Opposite ship commences voyage. Smokestacks, deck exterior structure of ship. Silhouette shot. Water surface in motion. Shoreline trees. Smaller craft on water. Ship's flag. Illuminated water surface. Unsteady silhouette shot. (Shot is shadowy.) (14:20) Maori totem poles. We are in New Zealand. Shrubbery in area also. Two women look upward at trees, totem poles. Two intricately-carved totem poles. Woman descends from cabin behind totem poles. Washing on line. Woman walking. Three columned wooden frame. Cabins. Wooden fence in totem pole area. (15:30) Silhouette of mountain sides. Horizon with clouds. Water surface in motion. Pan. (End Reel 26, part II.)
John Howard
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