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VHS; 70 min.; Sound; Color
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[Archie Stewart--home movies] VT10
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Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: An interesting unsequenced mixture of Archie's snapshots put on tape by Mary Lou and Rob Kelly. Many subjects: Archie's childhood. His class from Union School. Ice harvesting at Brookside. Later on reel inside room where they manufactured ice in later years. Camping in Maine. First in tents. Grandmother Stewart with gun and wearing pants. Later, scenes from The Pines, a hunting camp on Sysladobsis Lake and at the camp on Unknown Lake that Grandfather had built before he acquired the land for our present camp at The Thoroughfare. Scenes there also. Grandmother Stewart in bib overalls in corn garden. She told me this was during World War I and Walter Orr of Sweet-Orr overalls had these made specially for her, as he hoped women would buy overalls for wartime farm chores. Archie's first trip to Florida with Uncle Sam in 1920. Sightseeing in Washington, DC. Primitive ferry boat, primitive lumbering, alligator, big fish. Archie taking ride in barnstormer's flying circus plane. Old stern-wheel steamer. Sauls grandchildren. Sauls horses Mother in early airplane. Sam and Kay Schoonmaker with Mother at Yale football game. Christmas at apartment on 3rd Street. Me with rocking horse. Kid pictures of Ann and me. Grandmother Warden and Ann. Quassaick Hall production of Siegfried with me a Brunhilde lying on a pyre. P.D. Wekert with pontoon plane at Unknown Lake. Rob Golding with his prize delphiniums. Joe McGrath on skis at Camp. Archie drying film negatives in kitchen at 388 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY
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