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Super8 film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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DVD; Silent
3) 2837.0007-.0008_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 7
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1979 – 1980
Original Can #19
Donor-supplied Notes
August 1979: Bolton fish hatchery cont'd - feeding the "big ones," our kids & Paul; then an outdoor "carnival" at Greensboro Bend, featuring strawberry ice cream, with a clown, & R.J. as our guest; then Kevin & Paul in a boat on Caspian, the kids swimming with Jessica; dogs including Duchess & Lamb II; a visit to the Common & then the floating bridge in Brookfield ***** Kevin, Ned, & Michael Schulz in a boat at Somers Point; then moving day, with Anne & the movers; then first day of school from our new house, orange Datsun in our driveway; then playground at St. Mary Magdalen, morning & afternoon ***** Christmas outside with kids on front porch; then a day at Giampietro Park, with Gratz girls; then "Reds" out back, with birds being filmed by Kevin, & our bird house; then Easter 1980 at McKeons, with Steven & Chris ***** April visit to Boston: "Old Ironsides," Quincy Market, Cemetery, with graves of Sam Adams & Paul Revere, & the Common; also visit to Salem & sites there; then Lexington and Concord, with Walden Pond & Old Manse - and reenactment of a battle ***** May 1980: Ned's 1st Communion, with Patty, Sisters Ambrogena & Margaret, & Kevin as altar boy, and our girls in wedding dresses made for Mary's wedding; cake at Kevin & Carol's for Ned & Steven, with kids grouped out back & also in front ***** Visit to Vet's Stadium on Ned's birthday, with Steven - Mike Schmidt & Phanatic in distance; then Kevin's birthday (in a suit for Confirmation??) before Walt's speech at Deerfield Township graduation ***** Canada 1980: Kevin in Phillies hat with a "keeper" outside big cabin; then activity in the channel - jumping, swimming, boats passing; Jackie, Michael, & Uncle George; Kevin asleep in boat; Kevin & Paul & snake at dam; Matt's big splashes off cliff; Kevin asleep again; baseball outside.
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