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[Ann Partridge--home movies] Reels 1-53
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1949 – 1978
Donor-supplied Notes
1. 1949: Odd Pieces - Ann & Dianne Age 2 2. Summer 1949 - Camp Laughing Loon (CLL) – Waterfront. Joanne diving. 3 women including Geneve, camp nurse. They are joined by Ann in red sweater. Group getting ready for overnight hiking trip. Miss Vern Hewes, longtime camp director, in white blouse & green pants. 3. August 1949: Donnie and Shirley at CLL, joined by Dianne (blonde) 4. August 29-31, 1949: Bouley family trip to Mt. Katahdin. Deer, climbing. Norman, Geneve, Joanne & Gene, joined Ann 5. Christmas 1949, Dudley MA: Gene, Joanne, Dianne. December 1949, Gorham NH: Dianne, Shirley, baby Meredyth 6. June 1950, Dudley: Dianne on blanket & cats. Dianne on tricycle. Gorham: Ann’s family, kids playing in the backyard. July 1950: Camp Laughing Loon. Joanne diving. 7. September 1950: Beatrice (Bea) and Jim Curran Wedding reception and display of gifts at home. 8. Summer 1950: Dianne Doll Carriage parade (Dianne in blue & yellow stripes, girl in pink is unknown). September 1950: More of Bea’s Wedding Reception. December 1950: Ann’s family. February 1951, Dudley: Ginny giving newborn Leanne a bath. 9. Summer 1951:Carl, Donnie, Shirley – Gorham – Uncle Roy. Fall 1951, Oxford MA: Dianne in dress from Bea’s Wedding. Leanne in chair and crawling. 10 – NO FILM 11. April 1952, Oxford MA: Church procession, St. Roch’s Parish, probably confirmation of Joanne and/or Gene. Carl’s kids at Mary’s (place unknown). Carl and Mimi with Shirley & Donnie in Oxford. Geneve with Lee & Di in back yard, Oxford. 12. Summer 1952, Oxford MA: Leanne outside, Gene doing yard work. Christmas 1952. Leanne & Dianne. New Dollhouse, toy telephone, & other toys. Joanne & Gene in background. Shows family TV. At end, shot of fireplace & brick ovens in Oxford House. 13. June 1953, East Boothbay ME. Ann’s Accident at Ocean Point (drove down rocks in the fog). Carl & Mimi with Donnie & Shirley at Ocean Point. June 1953, Oxford: Dianne, Leanne, Little Jimmy backyard (with kittens) 14. Christmas 1953, Oxford: Di & Lee, very short quick shot of Norman Bouley. January 1954: Di & Lee eating at kitchen table. Beatrice Curran with Little Jimmy Curran & baby Margaret Curran. 15. May 1954, Oxford MA: St. Roch’s Parish. Dianne – first communion. Gene is lead alterboy holding cross in procession. Joanne in blue coat walks on sidewalk with Leanne in red dress. Summer in 1954, possibly in Maine: Norman & Geneve packing or unpacking the car. Leanne in car. Dianne & Leanne at beach. Unknown location- Ann’s family. “Hamlin Grandchildren at Ruth’s” 16. Christmas 1954, Oxford: Leanne (with new doll), Dianne (with trumpet), new toy kitchen. Winter 1954/1955, Oxford: Dianne riding bike & Leanne riding trike in driveway. Dianne skating, Leanne being pulled on sled, probably at a pond in Oxford. 17. February 1955, Oxford: Donna 3 weeks old in christening dress. St. Roch’s church procession, celebration for Father O’Toole (Norman in grey suit & pink tie, Gene as altarboy carrying candle). August 1955, Oxford: Donna & Leanne outside in yard 18. Christmas 1955, Oxford: Dianne, Leanne, Donna. Winter 1956: Geneve & Ann with Leanne & Dianne sliding (probably in Oxford). January 1956: Leanne’s 5th birthday, Donna’s 1st birthday, Leanne & Donna in livingroom in Oxford. 19. Christmas 1967, Oxford MA: Dianne, Leanne, Donna. Spring 1958, Byfield MA: Gene’s graduation from Governor Dummer Academy. Spring 1958: Donna on tricycle and in sandbox 20. Spring 1958, Oxford MA: Leanne’s 1st communion at St. Roch’s Church. Summer 1958: Donna & Leanne & unknown friend in sandbox & on swingset. Fall 1958, Oxford: Dianne painting garage door. 21. Spring 1958, Oxford: Donna & Leanne on bouncing horse “King.” Di & Leanne dressed up, Donna in costume (possibly Memorial Day) in front yard of Oxford house. Leanne in costume dancing in drive way. Dance recital number. 22. Summer 1960, Camp Laughing Loon: Leanne and other campers swimming, Donna watching. Woburn, MA: Dianne’s acrobatic routine on table in backyard. 23A. Fall 1961? – Acadia National Park, Bouley family including Aunt Olive & cousin Lorraine. Woburn, MA: Donna & Leanne on swing with a friend, also Ching in backyard. 23B. Summer 1961, Camp Laughing Loon: traditional Tuesday cookout of red hotdogs “on the hill.” Donna and Leanne eating. Geneve holding Ching. Donna in Indian head dress. Christmas 1961, Woburn: Donna, Leanne & friend in back yard. Leanne and Donna in living room with manger. 24. Christmas 1962, Woburn: Donna & Leanne wrapping gifts in their bedroom & trimming tree, niece Debbie at tree, opening presents. December 1962 at Ann’s house in Oxford. Leanne & Donna removing snow clothes in kitchen. 25. Winter/Spring 1963, Holden MA: Sherrie & Patty Giguere as babies. Gene & Terry, Ginny, with Debbie & Miki. August 1963. Cadillac Mountain, Bouley Family & Olive & Lorraine. 26. Summer 1964, Woburn MA: Donna horseback riding, Leanne & friend observing. Unknown scenery. December 1964. Woburn backyard. Di, Lee, & Donna skating. June 1965: Woburn backyard, Joanne & Gene with their kids. 27. Summer 1965, Warren MA: Jo & Paul with Sherrie, Patty, David, & Charlane at Olive’s, also Donna & Lorraine. Christmas 1965, Woburn: Dianne, Leanne & Donna on skis in living room. Geneve on phone, Christmas decorations, Ed Smith. 28. Summer 1970: Traveling to Michigan with trailer to Palaestrum gymnastics camp, attended by Donna. 29. Summer 1970, Michigan: Accident, trailer roll over. Minnesota. Side trip to Uncle Charlie’s home, Geneve & Ann (in black) on riding mower. 30. Summer 1970. Trip with Ginny. Driving through Minnesota. 31A. Summer 1970: Camp Palaestrum, Donna and other campers doing workouts. Oxford MA at Ann’s house, damaged trailer boarded up. Geneve walking around it. 31B. 1971: Erik [Smith] Wood, infant to 2 ½ or 3, some scenes with his mother Dianne and his cousins. Also scene with Memere Bouley (his great-grandmother) and with Norman Bouley, his grandfather. 32. January 1972-June 1972, Woburn MA: Donna & friend Brian, Donna’s gymnastic routine in Woburn back yard. November 1973. Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts. Donna horseback riding team. 33A. June 1972, Woburn MA: Leanne & mike’s wedding. Dinner the night before: Leanne, Jo, Di, Dinna, Sandi Kalinowski, Alma Pander (sister & mother of Groom), Alice Atkinson (family friend). Wedding Day: getting dressed at Woburn house. Mrs. Rose (dressmaker) helping Leanne get dressed. Wedding in St. Anthony’s Church, Woburn. All living grandparents attending: Veronica & Stephen Pander, Marie Iverson and Aurelie Bouley. Photos being taken in backyard of the Woburn house. Reception at Woburn City Club. Finally post wedding cookout in backyard of Woburn house. 33B: June 1972: Charlane Giguere & Bob Bostock Wedding. Location Worcester MA. Shots full of Giguere family. Joanne & Paul with children Paul, Charlane, Sherrie, Patty, David, Paula. 34. Spring 1972, Woburn MA: Carl Richardson & Mimi. Crocus in garden. Joanne & Gene’s kids in Woburn backyard. Easter at Misquamicut house. Joanne & Gene’s kids and other family. 35. Winter 1972, Woburn MA: Leanne & Donna’s birthdays. Christmas 1972: Lee & Donna. January 1973, Warren MA: Memere’s birthday. Bouley family. Shot of Memere, Paul & Norman playing cribbage. 36A. Spring 1973: Donna, University of Massachusetts Equestrian Drill team. 36B. Spring 1973: Unknown woman. Then “moving Dan’s house” -unknown location, probably Oxford MA 37. August 13, 1973: Coventry CT. Leanne & Mike’s new house. Family party with all the Bouleys, Joanne & Gene’s kids, and friend Joe Sadowski. 38. Summer 1973, Westerly RI: Paula & Eric. Maine coast: Geneve & Nana Iverson and friend, picnic, seagulls. August 1973: Cape Cod. Geneve, Ida, & Mrs. Hooper (both unknown to me). 39. Christmas 1973: Erik alone [also Donna] 40. June 1973, Woburn: Norman & Geneve, plus her siblings and their spouses: Lester & Anna Mae Fogg, Carroll & Kay Fogg, Marie Angel & husband, and an unknown couple. 41. Spring 1974. Jo’s cottage. Jo and Gene’s kids, Donna, Eric, Nana Iverson, Ginnie, Jo, Lee, Mike. Unknown location. Sherrie Giguere’s gymnastic routine. 42. August 1974, Coventry CT: Lee & Mike’s house. Family pictures with all the Bouleys, Joanne & Gene’s kids, friend Steve Weiss. November 1974, Milford CT: Alma Pander’s 50th birthday surprise party. Pander family members plus Geneve Bouley & Alice Atkinson. Bird feeder. 43. January 1975, Westerly RI: New Year’s Day. All the Giguere family & Bouleys, card games. Easter 1975: Giguere & Bouley family. 44. January 1977, Oxford MA: Margaret Robbins with stamp book. Woburn, MA: Pekingese puppies. President Carter & Ford [film of inauguration on TV] 45. July 9, 1977: Oxford MA, home of Margaret Robbins. Ann Richardson’s wedding to Howard Partridge, both in their 50s. Bridesmaids: Geneve Bouley, Margaret Robbins. Groomsmen: Norman Bouley & unknown man. Guests at wedding include all Bouley family members, also Carl Richardson & his partner Mimi, also Marie (Nana) Iverson. Reception location unknown, probably Oxford MA. 46. September 4 1977, Westerly RI: Ginny & Norman Bouley’s 40th Anniversary Party, with all their children & grandchildren. Also Ann & Howard Partridge. Cutting cake. Erik Wood riding bike. Lee Robbins’ wedding (granddaughter of Margaret Robbins) – location unknown, probably Oxford MA 47. September 4 1977, Westerly RI: Ginnie & Norman Bouley’s 40th Anniversary party continued. Opening presents, including painting on slate of their home in Woburn painted by Donna Bouley. 48. August 1954: Ann Richardson’s trip with Carolyn (unknown). Niagara Falls, Canada customs, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Paint pots. 49. August 1954: Ann Richardson’s trip with Carolyn. Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful, airviews coming home. 50. February 1978, Oxford MA: Ann & Howard’s home. The “Blizzard of ‘78” Howard snow blowing the driveway. Inside the house.
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