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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0013-.0015_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 014 (P2)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 14 (P2): [no can/reel notes; dc 1926] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 14: 18:08. Woman, girl, boy, and dog on sidewalk. Boy throws item for dog to retrieve. He repeats gesture. 'Sold' sign on lawn across street. Dog brings item back to boy. Ground in area. White fence in background. Woman, other children join boy. Woman now throws item for dog to retrieve. Two little girls. One little girl has dog on leash. Boy joins the girls, leans down, pats dog. Two girls sit on sidewalk, the dog between them. 19:03. Another girl joins them. She strokes dog's back. Boy, girl standing. Other girl sits on sidewalk. Boy skips forward. Dog is with group. Dog brings back ball which boy has thrown. Dog on sidewalk. He wags tail. Dashes about on grass. Dog races down sidewalk. Boy is behind gate in center of fence. 20:03. Girl astride odd-looking bicycle. Another girl rides forward on this bike. Pedals are pumped rather than turned. Bike is attached to small platform. Two other girls walk behind her. Given a push by companions, another girl begins biking. Friend pushes as girl pumps pedals. 21:00. She glides forward. Road, sidewalk. Girl pedaling bike. Friend skips behind. Children, dog. Older couple. Man comes forward and shakes hands with the woman. He redons hat. Three children and dog. Boy gives girl a slight push. Dog sniffs sidewalk. Dog runs along. Girl holds treat aloft for dog. 22:07. She sits on ground, hugs, pats dog. She kisses dog's paw while dog stands on hind legs. Hugging dog, she drags him forward. Girl kneels down. Dog places front paws on her shoulders. Girl watches as dog runs around. Another girl joins the two. Dog runs about. Girl throws ball for dog to retrieve. 23:01. Now boy does the same, throwing ball almost into dog's mouth. Man rakes lawn as two girls play near swing. Girl twists rope on swing. Third girl wheels wooden cart up. Girl steps in it in attempt to get into swing. She gets into swing with rope still twisted. She spins in swing. Two other girls watch. She continues to spin. Girls place board in center of swing. Girls hold swing as girl stands. Two other girls sit at opposite end of board thus making it a teeter-totter. Girl swings as friends teeter-totter. 24:04. Clever athletics continue. Girls now turn as to twist rope of swing. They continue unusual activity. Group of girls with spaniel dog. Girl pats dog. Girl holds dog in arms as she and other girl pat it. Girl stands at birdbath while girl at right holds dog up on hind legs. Girls crouch down and pat dog. 25:03. Copiously-leafed tree. Several children come down sidewalk aboard a long, self-made vehicle. Girl rises from snow-covered ground. Boy propels himself along on constructed vehicle. Large wheels attached to back, smaller to front. Other children enter area. Three children join hands. Child falls down. Two boys walk about. One falls down. Two boys, girl by birdbath. Boy tries to break ice by kicking it with his raised heel. Boy opposite him holds his heel. 26:02. Kicking continues. Girl grasps boy's heel to intensify kicking. Boy in field rakes hay, grass. He holds sedge against the rake as he carries it across the field. Trees in field. Boy resumes raking. Now he bears sedge on his shoulders. Throws it down. Now he resumes raking. He throws rake to side. Gathers sedge in his arms. He walks forward with it. Shot makes him to be a cluster of walking hay, grass. He smiles while holding sedge. 27:01. Now he throws it aside. Ground of field. Boys on golf course. Boy applies iron to ball. He pushes ball forward. Other boy golfer watches. Woman, little girl in area adjacent to trees. They walk along side by side. Girl, crouched down removes socks. 28:00. She walks to edge of stream and launches toy boat attached to rope. Hauling boat along water surface, she wades into stream. Rocks, foliage along shoreline. She draws boat along on its rope. Man and two children. They have ball. Are adjacent to trees. Man kicks ball. Boy, girl watch. Boy runs along. Girl follows. Girl and boy. Boy wears glasses. Two children on top of one another on sled. Man gives sled a push. The children slide down sidewalk. 29:09. Children aboard sled. Child in front has legs spread wide. Child hauls sled by its rope. Man on sled with child atop him. Boy gives them a push. Then he joins them. They slide down sidewalk. Small wooden bridge with steps at side. Two men and woman walk on bridge. Now they ascend diagonally-elevated steps which resemble a ladder. It is in rocky area. 30:03. Cautious ascent continues. Stream flows beneath wooden framework. Men walking at right. Little girl emerges from home. Overhanging leaves of trees in yard. She walks down path to join woman, man and other girl. Copious trees, shrubbery in area. Woman walks ahead while two girls remain with man. The three walk along. Man smokes. Two little girls. Man joins the two. Throws item down. Two girls lift moderately-sized stones from ground. 31:03. Girl brings stone back. Brushes self off. Pile of stones at side. Man enters area. Throws two items down. They appear to be light-weight stones. Two girls. (Cataloguer's note: May be Flying Moose Lodge area at Lake Alamoosook in Orland, Maine.) Two girls walking on path. One crouches down to examine item at side. Girls on porch spread arms wide apart. Place arms upward as if doing exercises. Long couch in background. They bend forward. 32:02. Hands on hips, the girls crouch down, continuing their exercises. Repeat the action. Now they balance selves on one leg. Little girl gives other a gentle push. Balancing continues. Man, woman by stream. Man carries long board across shoulder. May be surfboard. Cabin on shoreline. Woman wades into water. Another woman has wooden item which looks like sled. 33:09. Cabin on shoreline. People enter water by sliding down long diagonal slide on shoreline. Small boat skims across water. Boat bobs up and down on water. Man and woman aboard boat which looks like toboggan sled. The couple fall into water. Woman laughs, wades along. 'Bobbing' boat skims water once more. Man lies on toboggan boat which is almost under water. He swims. 'Jetski' or bobbing boat once more. This boat creates foam, wake. Ripples, surf boat has made. 34:00. Man poised on end of divingboard. People in background dressed for a swim. Man jumps in. Woman dives in. (End of Reel 14.)
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