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1) 2426.0087_F16
16mm film; [250 ft]; Silent; b&w
2) 2426.0087-.0090_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 87
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From Logbook: Larry, Rene Wadsworth, Skilly and Richard Seglar bidding Charles Jr. good-by [sic] as he leaves for Worcester, Mass., for his wedding. Mrs. Hardenbrook, Kela Brooks, Charles Jr., Eleanor Bisbee and Dick Hardenbrook on the Porch at 22 Key Street, Worcester, Mass. The bride's maids and ushers, maid of honor And best man outside the house. Gardner DeMallie, Spaulding, Bisbee and Bayard DeMallie in front of house. Gardner, Wadsworth, Hinds, and Richard Segler in front of house. John DeMallie and Eleanor Bisbee. Jim Titus, Bayard and the bride-to-be Bernada DeMallie coming out of the house. The bridal party poses for pictures. Edna, Bayard, A.W.H. and C.B.H. with Charles Jr. and Sis in front of the house. Edna, Bayard and Sis have their pictures taken. The crowd going in the house for the reception. The wedding supper after the reception. Mary-Helen Raye, Wadsworth Raye Deering Noyes, Gardner, Kela Brooks, Jan Saagendorf and others of bridal party at The table. The bride and groom at the head of the table. Wadsworth Hinds presents the knife to cut the wedding cake. Charles Jr. and Sis on the back porch. Sis throws her boquet [sic]. The wedding presents. Charles Jr. and Sis at 27 Chadwick Street, Portland, Maine about to leave for Worcester And their wedding trip via boat to the West Coast and Hawaii, California, Canadian Rockies and Chicago. A.W.H. saying good bye. W.L.H. goes along to bring car back. The Wolverine Express arriving at Worcester, Mass. Charles Jr. and Sis leaving rain and arriving home from their honeymoon ad greeted by Edna, Bayard and A.W.H. Charles Jr., Sis, Gar., Edna, Bayard and Terry (the dog) at 22 Germain Street, Worcester. Charles Jr. and Sis apartment at Hanover, N.H. Charles Jr., Sis and Terry at the back of house. Sis at home in Hanover, N.H. Bayard, Edna, And Mary-Helen Raye on back porch at Hanover, N.H.
Families, Weddings
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