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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 26
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1939 – 1940
Can Descriptions
Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 26: [Square Lake. Trolling for salmon 1939-1940s. Wingate arm of Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. Maine Public Service camps. Game warden.] Film shot from a boat of four people sitting on front porch of camp. Two men on dock with wheelbarrow. Man in open motorboat tied up handing out small logs and bag to them. Close-up of two men in hats and overcoats passing something to each other. Object out of camera shot. Open water shot of two canoes in the distance CU of young man in hat and tie paddling the red canoe. Another man in hat and overcoat fishing from the front. He waves to the camera. The boat moves away quickly under outboard motor power. CU of young man in hat with lure on brow and overcoat manning the outboard. (1:20) Far away shot of open lake with small boats with very pink sky and water. Man pushing wheelbarrow full of split wood up a worn path from lake front in front of rustic camps with log front porches. Stove pipes. (1:37) Another man follows. Waving a piece of paper. He has peculiar dress. Military type hat with points on each end and apron/knicker pants with tall boots. Maybe the mail carrier? Two men fishing in canoe in rough water close to wooded shore. More shots around camp grounds. Man walking around with his hands in his pockets. Woman in long white skirt. Carrying linens across lawn. A shot of the wooden dock. Two men in a canoe with another in tow. A man walking briskly in front of a row of small cabins. He is carying a white pitcher down to a lakeside hand pump which he starts pumping. (2:10). Man in long dark overcoat walks down in front of row cabins. A man in a cap walks along the lake. By a bench with back carrying a glass pitcher. Two men in overcoate CU arm in arm on the lake front. Another man joins them and removes something from his wallet. They are awkward to the camera. A man in pale shirt. Dark pants and suspenders on the lake front. He raises a small glass and drinks for the camera. Three men walk down the foot path in front of the cabins. Long overcoats. Maybe rain gear. Another man smoking a pipe follows. Open water shot with two people in canoe with land in the background. Trees in foreground. Two men sitting in a large wooden chair swinging next to the lake. They play with the camera. Smiling. Cross legs. Looking at each other. CU of distraught looking man with light hair. (3:34). Board with trophy fish mounted on it leaned up against front porch. Lots of men showing off their catches. Holding up fish. Posing for still pictures as well as motion. Many canoes pulled up on shore in background. Unloading well-dressed men and supplies from open motor boats and canoes on the dock. Men hugging. Laughing and posing. (5:13). Bangor and Aroostook Railroad car parked at the Stockholm Station. Men in bow tie walking up the tracks waves. Small boy looks curiously at camera while trying to open door to station. Finally pushes it open and keeps eye on camera. (5:38). CU of rubber pack boots that lace up to the top of the shins. Three men in long coats enter a cabin. People carry and wheelbarrow supplies up the foot path. (5:48). Man in big hat plays croquet with young girl. Man in parka tips his hat to camera. More canoeing and fishing. Man standing with legs spread. Puffing out his cheeks and being silly. Other men talking and smoking. Small open motor boat with men waving pulls up to dock. Various men walking around camp. More supplies wheelbarrowed along path. Young man sitting on porch wearing a flecked robe. Smoking a cigarette. Lake in background. He's talking to another. Man in a white hat sitting in front of him. He offers his cigarette. The man refuses at first then takes drag. Man in woods pulling leaves off a tree. Group of men lounging around a camp fire. Fishing from shore. Sharing a newspaper clipping. One man thumbs his nose to the camera. (9:50). Forest Ranger in front of motel type building.
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