4 Copies of This Film
1) 1108.0098_VHS
2) 1108.0098_SVHS
3) 1108.0098_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1108.0096-.0100_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 098
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 98: Archie Stewart can notes: Camp, 1950. Two trips, August & November. Screening notes: Logo, Amateur Cinema League, The World Wide Organization of Amateur Movie Makers. Interior of cabin, group of men eating around dinner table, cook serving. Nice natural light. Exterior of cabin--The Pines, Dobsis Lake, Maine. Same men sitting around picnic table. Campfire in woods near lake shore, men talking. Interior of cabin, men eating at table. Two men driving open car down narrow dirt road in woods. Two men walk in shallows of lake with long fishing net [color]. Men walking along rocky shore. Exterior, group of men eating at picnic table [color]. Lake in BG. Three men watch from small dock as canoe departs. Moving shots of and from canoe crossing lake. Men in plaid jackets loading hunting gear into boats. Setting up campfire. Pontoon plane landing on lake. VS of men talking with men in cockpit. [color] From rear, pontoon plane taxing on lake surface, taking off [color, very nice.] Plane flying overhead. Men preparing food at campfire, daytime [color]. Setting up picnic table. Young man displaying large trout. VS of flower and vegetable garden. VS of two men beside car parked by field with tall grass, trunk open, bags on ground. Interior of cabin [B&W], group of men eating by lamplight: Rob Golding, Grandfather Stewart, Earl Bonness. Tommy Lockhead (bbody repairman at Broadway Garage), Archie. Same scene shot from outside through cabin window. Washing and drying dishes. Two men beside car (Buick) parked on rural road, from front. [color]. Drinking from bottles, Grandfather Stewart, Tommy Lockheed, Archie. Intertitle: The End.

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