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1) 2426.0085_F16
16mm film; [400 ft]; Silent; b&w
2) 2426.0084-.0086_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 85
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From Logbook: At Rangeley Lakes, Ralph Corey in row boat On the lake fishing. Picnic at the Birches, Col. Chute, Spaulding Bisbee and Ralph, lunch in served, packing up before leaving the island. Bion and Dorothy Keith, Blanche Redlon, A.W.H. and Betty Bisbee in bathing and after the swim, Larry, Wadsworth and Frank, Bion and Dorothy leaving for home. Jim Titus, Gardner and Sis DeMallie and Janet Sagendor, Gar and Jim, Jim leaving for home, Russell, Bayard, Charles Jr., Blanche Redlon, Wadsworth, A.W.H., and Edna, Sis and Russell in car back of DeMallie camp, Sis, Charles Jr. and Russell arriving at Oquossoc station. Above named at the station to say goodbye to Jim, the train coming into the station. Bayard, Sis, Gardener, Charles Jr., Janet, Wadsworth and Larry off to weed the Badminton Court, C.B.H. joins the procession, weeding the The court, A.W.H., Edna Blanche, and Miss Skillin join the gang, Dagmar Lofstad on the beach, Janet and Gar in rowboat, the crowd in bathing. W.L.H., Gar, Larry, Bayard, Miss Skillin, Edna, A.W.H., Blanche, Sis, Janet and Charles Jr. at Upper Dam, the water coming through the sluice-way, Janet and Gar, Miss Skillin, Edna, Janet and Gar, Blanche, Edna And A.W.H. in the motorboat at the Dam, Janet and Larry on the float at the Dam and Miss Skillin, Edna and Bayard boarding the motorboat. Gar, Larry and Charles Jr. taking a sun bath on the bow of the boat on the way back from Upper Dam. Bob Martin, Wadsworth and Larry in double exposure, Charles Jr., Wadsworth, Gardner, Dick Segler and Bob Martin off for a camping trip to Kennebago, all the family including Mary Wadsworth at the station to see them off, double exposure of most of the crowd. Bayard and Bill Sykes fishing from motorboat. The families including Alice Midwood, Dorothy Chase and Ethel Bisbee at Rangeley Lake for the water sports. The Midwood's leaving for home, Priscilla DeMallie and Terr (the dog). Priscilla and Larry, A.W.H., Blanche, Mary Wadsworth, Russell, Sis, Gardner, Charles Jr., Bayard and “Cil” leaving for home. Mary-Helen, Alex and Wadsworth Raye and C.B.H. with the morning catch.
Families, Recreation
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