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DVD; 57 min; Silent; b&w and color
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3/4inch-video; 57 min; Silent; b&w and color
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16mm film; Silent
4) nhf-1551_0052 18fps-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Birch Rock Camp footage, Kimble Union Academy] Reel 52
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Viewing Notes
Title Card: ‘BIRCH ROCK CAMP ON LAKE McWAIN EAST WATERFORD MAINE’. Intertitle: ‘SEASON OF 1928’. Intertitle: ‘COUNCILLORS: “UNCLE GEORGE” HOWE, EDWARD ROBINSON JOHN COWIN JOHN GARRISON HENRY DOUGLASS’. Intertitle: ‘DWIGHT COLLINS, EDGAR WARREN, NATHANIEL LADD, HUGH MORTON, ALLEN KERNS’. Intertitle: ‘PHILLIP GARRIS, HENRY CULLINAN’. Intertitle: ‘DIRECTORS: BW BOYDEN, WR BREWSTER’. Intertitle: ‘EAGLES: PRESCOTT BROWN, ROBERT GUETHLEIN, RICHARD WORCHESTER, MORTON KIMBALL, ROBERT WEBBER’. Intertitle: ‘EAGLES: ERIK JOHNSON, ROBERT HALL, RICHARD DE LONG, CLAYTON WICKS, CARL FLINTERMANN’. Intertitle: ‘PANTHERS: EUGENE RUST, GEORGE FOOTE, THEODORE LADD, WILLIAM KEMPER, PETER GARRETT, JOHN ROGERS’. Intertitles: ‘PANTHERS: DONALD CLARKE, GEORGE CLARK, BRUCE BROWN, GIBSON WILLIS, JAMES WOODHOUSE, JOHN STEARNS’. Intertitle: ‘BEAVERS: RICHARD JOHNSTON, WILLIAM BLANDING, JOHN A ALLEN’. Intertitle: ‘BEAVERS: HENRY MERRILL, WILLIAM THOMAS, NORMAN DELANO’. Intertitle: ‘BEAVERS: JOHN F ALLEN, ALBERT BLUNT, CHARLES BACKUS’. Intertitle: ‘WOLVES: JOHN DEWEY, AUSTIN KIBBEE, RICHARD POWER, PETER FLINTERMANN, GORDON ROBSON, PETER VAN VOORHIS’. Intertitle: ‘WOLVES: JOHN ORDWAY, HAROLD FLETCHER, LEONAR BROWN, WILLIAM WOOD, BILLY BREWSTER’. Intertitle: ‘GUIDES: GEORGE MORGAN, JAMES WALKER’. Intertitle: ‘BESSIE’. Shot of a horse grazing. Intertitle: ‘BESSIE THE CAMP RIDING SCHOOL’. Bessie the horse grazing. Intertitle: ‘DINNER TIME, WATCH THEM COME’. Boys walking past the camera. Intertitle: ‘RUST’. Boys walking past the camera. Intertitle: ‘CHUCK BACKUS RESTING’. A boy perched on a low post. Intertitle: ‘LEONARD BROWN “BROWNIE”’. Close up of Leonard. Intertitle: ‘BILL BLANDING’. Campers walking past the camera. Intertitle: ‘THIS IS COMMODORE FOOTE’. Campers walking past the camera. Intertitle: ‘HERE IS ADMIRAL DEWEY’. Campers and a woman walking past the camera. Intertitle: ‘AT DINNER, A LITTLE TO DARK FOR THE CAMERA BUT NOT FOR THE BOYS TO FIND THE FOOD’. Dark indoor shot of campers eating in the mess hall. Shot of the flag pole. Cabins in the woods. Intertitle: ‘SOME OF THE TENTS’. Shots of the camp. Intertitle: ‘SOME MORE OF THE TENTS’. Tents on platforms. Intertitle: ‘THE LODGE’. Shot of the lodge building. Close up of the American flag. Close ups of signs for different camp activities, including, ‘BOXING’ and ‘ARCHERY’. Intertitle: ‘THE EDITORIAL STAFF OF BIROCA BLAST’. A group of campers pose for the camera. A close up of the front page of the ‘Biroca Blast’ newsletter. Intertitle: ‘TREE TALK SUNDAY AFTERNOON’. A group of campers seated along the lake shore. Intertitle: ‘MR HUGH PENDLETON AT TREE TALK ONE SUNDAY AFTERNOON’. A man in a suit. Intertitle: ‘UNCLE GEORGE & BILL BLANDING’. A man and a boy. Several campers pose for the camera. Intertitle: ‘LOL BARLOW & BILL BLANDING CANOEING’. Two boys canoeing. Intertitle: ‘NOTE… BILL BLANDING HOPES TO BRING LOL’S BROTHER TO CAMP IN 1929’. Canoeing. Intertitle: ‘UNCLE GEORGE AND THE BOYS ON A NATURES HIKE’. Campers hiking, examining plants, led by a man (George Howe?). Campers diving from a raft. Intertitle: ‘BILL BLANDING MAKES A FINE DIVE’. A boy attempts to dive from a diving board, but belly flops. Intertitle: ‘AND I DON’T MEAN MAYBE’. A camper poses in the trees. A camper swimming. Three boys in a rowboat. Intertitle: ‘GEORGE FOOT WITH HIS 17LB SLOOP FROM BERMUDA’. A boy next to a toy boat. A camper diving. Shot of the lodge. Intertitle: ‘UNCLE GEORGE TALKING TO THE BOYS ON THE PORCH’. A man and boys seated on the porch of the lodge. Intertitle: ‘A PRETTY FAIR CATCH TODAY’. Campers hold up a line of fish. Intertitle: ‘PHIL GARIS SHOWS THE BOYS HOW TO DIVE’. Phil Garis demonstrates different dives. Intertitle: ‘PHIL RESTS BETWEEN DIVES’. Phil walking on his hands. A small sailboat. More diving. Campers on the shore. Intertitle: ‘MR AND MRS RUST’. A man and a woman. Intertitle: ‘MR BREWSTER’. Shot of Mr. Brewster. Intertitle: ‘CHIEF’. Shots of several adults and campers. [End of Reel]
Camps, Recreation, Diving
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