3 Copies of This Film
1) 2145.0044_F16
16mm film; [1400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2145.0044_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w
3) 2145.0044_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 44
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circa 1940
SW-Tim-LW - 1943-44 9/96 Each Starts with Aerial Photo
Viewing Notes
Lake and camps filmed from an airplane. Two girls in swimsuits and swim caps hold a sign: ‘LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. Cabins by the lake. A teddy bear on a cot. A cabin. Girls (campers) picking blueberries. Campers loading hay into a horse drawn wagon. A group of girls sitting on the dock, practicing knot tying. Sailboats. Metalworking to make metal plates. Weaving on a small loom. An orchestra practicing outdoors. A cabin. Campers playing tennis. Campers walking to the cabin. Ballet practice. A dance performance. Campers practicing an early version of CPR. Synchronized swimming. Campers seated on the dock. Swimming. Diving. A dog swimming. Synchronized diving. Campers on the dock watching as a motorboat pulling wakeboarders goes by. Wakeboarding (aquaplaning.) Campers bathing in the lake. Canoeing. A man demonstrates paddling techniques. A girl propels a canoe by bouncing on the stern. Campers in a rowboat. An older woman, a woman, and a young girl walk down the dock. Canoeing. Campers slicing bread and cooking over a campfire, including a reflecting oven. A bowl of cooked lobster. Two girls painting canoe paddles. Campers pose with decorated paddles. Canoeing. The older woman, woman and dog watch a motorboat towing a line of sailboats and canoes. Close up of the dog. The line of boats. Sign: ‘RED CROSS AID’. A dance performance. Canoeing. Sunset over the lake. A girl playing the bugle, silhouetted against the sunset. A man using a bow drill to start a fire. Campers gathered around the fire. The lake and camps filmed from an airplane. Sign: ‘CAMP TIMANOUS’. A man and a woman pose for the camera under a sign: ‘HEADQUARTERS’. Boys (campers) playing in front of a white house. A boy plays the bugle in front of a line of campers. A boy plays the bugle next to a sign for: ‘CAMP TIMANOUS’. Campers running to the camp building. A group of young men sit on the front step of the house. A cabin by the lake. A line of boys walking down the stairs. Boys playing tennis. Two boys braiding belts. Boys making using hammers to shape metal plates. A boy whittling. A baby painted turtle. A boy plays with turtles in a metal basin. Campers playing volleyball. A baseball game. Sign: ‘RIFLE RANGES’. A counselor shows the boys how to use a rifle. Boys practice shooting. Two boys carrying a canoe. Canoeing. Rowboats. Loading gear into a canoe. Canoeing. Cooking over a campfire. Wakeboarding. Sailboats. Diving. A group of campers. A man with a bull horn. A boy in a paddleboat. Canoeing. Swimming. A boy righting a capsized canoe. Canoeing. A man with a bull horn. A boy dressed up in a paper crown and wooden trident (Neptune). Canoeing. A man waves at the camera. Swimming. The man in the crown helps the boys out of the water. Canoeing. Paddleboats. Boys propelling canoes by bouncing on the stern. A swimming relay race. Canoeing. Boys on the dock. A canoe race. A woman holding a baby. Neptune in a canoe. A man walking towards the camera. Sign: ‘LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. Lake and camps filmed from an airplane. A woman walking to a large camp building and ringing a bell. A small building on a raft. A group of girls (campers) raise an American flag with an anchor symbol over the raft. Girls in swimsuits and swim caps diving from the raft. Girls load gear into a rowboat. Cabins in the trees. Campers walking together. Girls in paddleboats. A girl canoeing. A girl in a rowboat. A man helps a girl set off in a sailboat. Campers in a motorboat wave at the camera. Adults and campers in the motorboat. Campers learning to swim. Girls diving from a raft. A girl taking off her swim cap. Sailboats. Four girls listen while another girl reads from a book. Campers on swings. Campers wading in the water, catching salamanders in nets. Playing tennis. Cooking hotdogs over a campfire. Campers on a swing. Canoeing. Cooking over a campfire. Rolling out sleeping bags. Campers eating. Campers playing in the sand. A circle of campers around a fire pit. Diving. Canoeing. A woman with a camera. Campers seated on the beach. A man with a bull horn. Campers propelling canoes by bouncing on the stern. Paddleboats. Playing in the sand. A dog fetches a stick. Swimming. Canoeing. Paddleboats. Playing in the water. Campers walking into a building. Watching a puppet show. Campers with marionettes. Puppet show. A dance performance. [blackface]. Girls dancing with parasols. [End of Reel]
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