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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent
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[Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 43
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circa 1937
Getting Gay with Neptune (c) 1919 C. L. Chester (Kodascope)
Viewing Notes
Title: ‘FROM KODASCOPE LIBRARIES’. Intertitle: ‘GETTING GAY WITH NEPTUNE. A C.L. CHESTER PICTURE Produced in co-operation with OUTING The great outdoor magazine. Gifted by KATHARINE HILLIKER copyrighted 1919 by C.L. CHESTER’, ‘When we went to school and crammed on mythology we were under the impression that water nymphing was a lost art. But we know better now.’, ‘Up on the shores of a turquoise lake in Southern Maine dwells a band of slim young naiads who disport themselves as amphibiously as did their ancient his-tory prototypes.’ Girls, campers at the Luther Gulick Camps, diving from a cliff. Intertitle: ‘Despite their mermaiden ten-dencies, however, they do come out to eat and sleep, and the Luther H. Gulick camp, Wohelo, offers an inviting refuge. We had a front seat at one of their water shows and found the chorus most attractive. (Klaw and Erlanger please copy.)’ Campers in swimsuits and swim caps seated on the dock. Campers swimming. Intertitle: ‘We had heard of purling brooks, but here was a late sprite purling, too.’ A camper knitting while sitting on the dock. Intertitle: ‘They dived off of everything in sight and stood on their heads with great equanimity.’ Campers diving from the dock and diving boards. Footage of a diver played backwards. Intertitle: ‘And then they had a tug of war, but the war didn’t last long.’ A tug of war in the water. Intertitle: ‘After that came the races.’ Campers paddling canoes standing up. Intertitle: ‘She had the most ex-pressive legs we’d ever seen. Who won the race? We haven’t an idea.’ Campers cheering from the shore. Canoeing. Girls paddling while balancing on the gunnels. Campers dive off the dock as canoes go by. Campers seated on the shore. Swimming. Intertitle: ‘We have always had a great deal of respect for a canoe, but these seemed to be hand tamed’. A girl does a hand stand in the bow of a canoe. Intertitle: ‘Walking around their rims never intrigued us, either. The last time we tried it we upset ourselves and the canoe, and the lake overflowed. P.S. We are a fat man.’ Two girls walking along the gunnels of a canoe, before diving off. Intertitle: ‘A flat case of no steam up.’ Girls paddling a canoe with their hands. Intertitle: ‘In case you live on a river and your yacht breaks down, and the car lines stop, and the paddles of your canoe disappear, you can still get home if you know how.’ Girls propelling canoes by bouncing on the stern. Intertitle: ‘(Editor’s note: The Annapolis bow is excellent for this emergency.)’ Bouncing on canoes. Intertitle: ‘Sailing through a feather of foam and air on the back of an aquaplane is something like driving a seahorse in the good old-fashioned way.’ Campers aquaplaning (wakeboarding), behind a motorboat. Intertitle: ‘Sometimes if one is well behaved and decorous, the spirit of the lake appears. Our behavior was perfect.’ A woman in a dress swimming beneath the water. Intertitle: ‘She was a bewildering sprite and after watching her for awhile we came to the conclusion that water nymphing was one revival which had our earnest support and backing.’ The woman swimming underwater. Intertitle: ‘The End’. [End of Reel]
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