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3/4inch-video; [00:27:45]; Sound; Color
Arnie Reisman’s Comedy Composite with Tony Kahn--Tape 1
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Can Descriptions
Chronicle Arnie Reisman Boston Chronicle: Arnie Reisman’s Comedy Composite with Tony Kahn 15 Bits + Pieces in Less Than 28 Minutes Including Scenes from “Mother’s Little Network” Return to: WGBH-TV ARNIE REISMAN’S COMEDY COMPOSITE: FIFTEEN PIECES/BITS…running about 27:45 Featuring TONY KAHN Contents 1. Carpool Detective 2. Fisherman 3. Death-Grip 4. Light Bulb 5. Salad Bar 6. Oil of OK 7. Bicentennial Moment 8. Stranger File 9. Jiffy Repair 10. Botch 11. Going to Heaven 12. Running Tour 13. St. Ralph 14. Chinatown 15. TV Dinner
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