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1) 2426.0014_F16
16mm film; [400 ft]; Unknown; b&w
2) 2426.0014-.0016_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 14
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1925 – 1928
Beach scenes. Ocean. Man in swimsuit (top and bottom) wades in, then jumps. Family on rocky beach. Figures stand on rocks, child dives in water. Man in swimsuit flops in water, swims back to rock. Baseball from 01:47 to 3:16 Kiwanis baseball at Bayside Park, Portland, Maine. (from Charles B. Hinds notes). Trombones in back of stand with man leading them. Full stands with people clapping. Figures on baseball diamond. Boards around the field; sign says NEXT GAME. Man approaches camera in baseball hat, white clothes striped socks. Players on field run bases. Buildings on hillside behind. Very dark, some flames, not distinguishable. Night fire on Commercial Street (from Charles B. Hinds notes). People in boat; two women in foreground talk, man in back with outboard motor. Camera operator stands up in boat, surprises man who is running outboard. View of shore from boat. House, women leave front, chauffeur assists them. Car drives off. (This neighborhood can probably be identified.) Very dark shots of man playing pool. Football at Bayside Park, Portland, Maine (from Charles B. Hinds notes). 6:35 - 7:54 Stands. Players in blankets running out to football game. Plays from a distance. 7:34 - 8:35 Quarry footage. Forge. Man talks with worker. Excavation at Bisbee's, Falmouth, Maine (from Charles B. Hinds notes). Man in chair by radiator. Interior shot, exposure is difficult. He looks out window. Flowered wallpaper behind. At Poland Springs (from Charles B. Hinds notes). 9:11 horse races in ice. Cars lined up to watch. This is a big event. Man in knickers outside, ice rink in distance? Interior, child in pajamas, discusses toy or puzzle with a boy in glasses. (Nice sequence.) A bit of traffic in Portland. Boy on steps assembling something; 27 Chadwick Street, Portland. View out door to a fountain. Someone looking through a telescope? 11:16 fire engine backing up into fire house. Many elms in background. No leaves, woman in coat walks by in foreground. 11:41 child descends slide, runs around and up and down again. Laundry behind fence in background, sheets drying. CU child in beret. Boy laughs at camera, shows watering can. Sky. Larry and Jim Kilborn in sandbox (from Charles B. Hinds notes). Man in driveway, walks to camera. Man inside, reading a magazine. Looks at camera. Holds grandchild, grandchild reach sup and touches old man's face, kisses him, rests his head. Mr. Hinds smokes pipe and rubs child's belly. affectionate scene. Old and young hand together; extended sequence. Child on Persian carpet with toy train.
Recreation, Sports
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