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1) 2925.0031_F16
16mm film; [350']; Silent; b&w
2) nhf-2925_0031-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 31
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circa 1928
Can Descriptions
Viewing Notes
Ships at dock. A man leaning out the window of a marina building. People on a sailboat at dock. A drawbridge being raised so the sailboat can sail through. Cars driving over the lowered bridge. A different drawbridge, raising and lowering. A ship. Two men carrying a basket. Boys pushing a wheelbarrow. A group of men and boys pose outside a barn. A man with two dogs. A ship towing two dingy. Boys swabbing the deck. A man in a rowboat. A motorboat. A float plane. A military ship. A dingy being towed. A sailboat. Boys on the deck of the sailboat. Shots of different sailboats. Boys rowing. A person climbing a tree. A bird. (Heron?) Birds in trees. Towing a dingy. Sailing ships. A lighthouse. Shots of the water. Boats. A foghorn. Shots of the coastline. A lighthouse on a cliff. Docks at low tide, lobster traps and buildings. Boys exiting a store, playing on the beach, and rowing a boat. A volleyball game. A group of boys in a huddle. Boys playing in the water. A cookout. Boys fishing. Boys in sailor caps pose on the bow of a ship. [End of Reel]
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