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16mm film; [350']; Silent; b&w and color
2) nhf-2925_0017-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 17
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circa 1936
Viewing Notes
Title card: ‘CHARLES W. REID presents’. Intertitle: ‘OUR NATIONAL PARKS’. Intertitle: ‘OUR NATIONAL PARKS’. Intertitle: ‘…The record of an 11,000 mile auto trip through our West’. Intertitle: ‘GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK North Carolina and Tennessee.’ Shots of the Great Smoky Mountains. A car parked by an overlook. Intertitle: ‘Norris Dam, near Knoxville, Tennessee.’ The dam. Intertitle: ‘PETRIFIED FOREST NATIONAL MONUMENT Arizona’. A car driving through Petrified Forest. A man (Charles?) holding a rock. A man with glasses seated next to a petrified tree. Intertitle: ‘The San Francisco Mts. Arizona, nearly 13,000 feet high.’ A car driving on a road towards mountains. Intertitle: ‘GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK Arizona’. Intertitle: ‘From the South Rim at sunrise.’ Panning shot of the Grand Canyon. Intertitle: ‘The same view one hour later.’ Shots of the Grand Canyon. A man seated at the edge of the canyon. Intertitle: ‘The view from Mohave Point’. Panning shot of the Grand Canyon. A car driving along the edge of the canyon. Intertitle: ‘The Bright Angel Trail descending’. The Bright Angel Trail visible in the side of the canyon. The bottom of the canyon. Intertitle: ‘The North Rim is twelve miles away and 1,000 feet higher’. Shots of the Grand Canyon. Intertitle: ‘The river far below at Desert View’. The Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. A car driving over a bridge. Shots of the river. Intertitle: ’12 miles airline across the canyon—200 miles by car via this bridge.’ Cars driving over a bridge over the canyon. Intertitle: ‘ZION NATIONAL PARK Utah’. Intertitle: ‘The “West Temple”. Cliffs and rock formations. Intertitle: ‘”The Three Patriarchs”’. Rock formations. Intertitle: ‘Scenes from the tunnel road.’ A person sitting in a parked car, panning up to the surrounding cliffs. Wider shot of mountains, cliffs and valley floor. A car driving out of a tunnel through a mountain. Intertitle: ‘BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK Utah’. Intertitle: ‘”The Silent City”’. Shots of Bryce Canyon. Intertitle: ‘A natural bridge’. A natural stone arch. Intertitle: ‘MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK Colorado’. Intertitle: ‘The Sun Temple of the Cliff Dwellers.’ A man walking along a stone wall, near the ‘Sun Temple’ fire pit. Intertitle: ‘A typical Kiva or ceremonial room.’ Shot of the interior of a Kiva, a circular stone structure. Intertitle: ‘Cliff Palace, largest cliff dwelling community in the world.’ Intertitle: ‘Some 500 people were living here in 1076 A.D.’ Shots of the Cliff Palace, stone structures built into the cliff face. Intertitle: ‘Crossing the Royal Gorge on the world’s highest highway bridge.’ A car passes the ‘Information’ booth and drives onto the bridge. A man with a camera stands on the trunk of the car to take a photograph. Intertitle: ‘The Arkansas River 1000 feet below.’ The river at the bottom of the gorge. Intertitle: ‘Some of the roads were rough.’ A car driving up a dirt road. Intertitle: ‘ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colorado.’ Intertitle: ‘At 12,183 feet, the highest elevation attained on the trip.’ A car parked by an overlook, the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Shots of the mountains. Intertitle ‘End of Reel 1’. [End of Reel]
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