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16mm film; [350']; Silent; b&w
2) nhf-2925_0014-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 14
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Can Descriptions
Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, San Francisco - 1934
Donor-supplied Notes
B&W Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lasser, San Francisco mostly 1934
Viewing Notes
Shots of Crater Lake (Oregon). Wizard Island. Panning shot of the lake, including a person standing on the edge of a cliff. Scenes of Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen. A group of hikers. Mountains. Hikers with ice picks. An ice covered slope. Panning shot of mountains. A group of hikers pose on top of the peak. A man serves food to the group from a frying pan. Hikers in a field. A person wrapped in a sleeping bag, jumping around while another person pretends to attack them . Two men (Charles/William and the friend with glasses) climbing up a rock. Panning shots of mountains. Rock formations near the top of the peak. Hikers climbing a rock. A railroad bridge, filmed from the last car of a moving train. The bridge seen from a distance. A different bridge. A hotel pool. The hotel grounds and buildings. Panning shots of hills. San Francisco skyline, seen from the water. Shots of the coastline. A structure in the water. A mine/quarry near the water. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. A cable car going down the street in San Francisco. Buildings along the shore. Airplanes flying in formation overhead. Military ships on the water. Other ships. Shot of the docks with a ship spraying water cannons in the background. Shots of military vessels. Panning shots of mountains. A car driving through a herd of pigs on the road. Shot of the coastline of Big Sur. The Bixby Creek Bridge. [End of Reel]
Donor-supplied Notes
Can #7 CRATER LAKE From western rim; from eastern rim MT. SHASTA (14,161 ft.) Distant views from various angles Movies on climb to summit in 1934 From upper base camp (11,000 ft.) looking towards Conwakiton Glacier; Mud Creek Gorge Crossing glacier, roped. Adjacent glacier Panorama of base and surroundings Climbing party at summit, guided by Oliver Kehrlein and Norman Clyde Wieners being dished out View of summit Stacy French and Norman Clyde hiking Norman Clyde skirmishes with me as I air out sleeping bag MT. LASSEN (10,453 ft.) Close-ups of Stacy French and me Norman Clyde and Stacy start ascent Views around the summit showing old craters and sulphur vents SAN FRANCISCO and environs Crossing the Southern Pacific bridge over the Carquinez Straits. Carquinez Highway Bridge. Castlemont Country Club (on the peninsula) Typical hill country of the bay region Skyline of San Francisco from ferry Same scene in 1934 with bridge pylons there Angel Island, Navy planes, S.S. "Lexington" marine parade, views of fleet, S.S. "Saratoga" Mt. Diablo scenes, Connie and father with pigs - scenes at Carmel and 17-mile drive Big Sur
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