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16mm film; [275']; Silent; b&w
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[Reid Family--home movies] Reel 2
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1928 – 1929
Can Descriptions
Brigantine Illyria (November 1928 October 1929)
Viewing Notes
Shot of the water and coastline filmed from a ship. A group of men on the quayside. Sailing ships at dock. Shot of the stern of the ship, named ‘Illyria’. Panning shot of the ship. A group of sailors. Close up of a man in a fedora standing next to the ships rigging. A man in a sailors cap. A life ring in the background says: ‘N.Y.Y.C.’ (New York Yacht Club) A puppy by a man’s feet. A man (Sidney Shurcliff) with a camera, filming two men standing next to a life boat. Shot of the mast, rigging and deck, filmed from the crow’s nest. A man with a hand held camera. Men on deck. Close up of the puppy. The puppy looking through a life ring, with ‘ILLYRIA N.Y.Y.C.’ written on it. A man walking out of the building. (Cornelius Crane exiting the Speaker's Club, Harvard Square.) Two men with a camera on a tripod. A group of men pose next to the camera. Deck of the ‘Illyria’ filmed from the crow’s nest. Shot of the flag flying from the top of the mast. A group of men pose on deck. People on the quayside. One ship in the background has a sign: ‘BRISTOL’. Two men turning the ship’s wheel. A biplane flying overhead. Close up of a sign: ‘BRIGANTINE ILLYRIA BUILT AT LUSSIN PICCOLO, ITALY for CORNELIUS CRANE OF IPSWICH. SAILED FROM BOSTON NOV. 16TH ’28 for a THIRTY THOUSAND MILE CRUISE THRU THE PACIFIC OCEAN’. A boy holds up the puppy, tapping its paw against the sign. A man filming the Illyria dragging a banner. Three people in a rowboat. Shots of the ship and buildings on the shore. Cut to a man riding a horse over a jump. Shots of docks, ships and coastal town. A ship sailing into the harbor. The rigging of a sailing ship. The deck. Close up of a man in a fedora. Shot of the life ring: ‘ILLYRIA, N.Y.Y.C.’ Panning shot of the ship. [End of Reel]
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