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16mm film; [10 min.]; Sound; Color
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Night's Nice
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circa 1977
"Night's Nice - Animated film by Sterling Education Films, based on the book by Barbara and Ed Emberly, of Massachusetts. Digitized in HD, March 2018.
Can Descriptions
Sterling Education Films 16mm. - Sound-Color-10 Minutes Night's Nice Level Primary, Intermediate Content An animated version of the book by Barbara and Ed Emberly, which tells in verse and pictures the pleasures of nighttime. A little cat views the stars and moon through a window. Good things that happen at night are fire-works, fireflies, spooks in masks on Halloween, carols in the snow at Christmas, lights on ships and lighthouses, big signs in the city, animals sleeping in the jungle, "kings and kittens, birds in a tree". Finally the cat jumps down, lands on a cushion and goes to sleep, as a little boy and his teddy bear sleep peacefully in bed nearby. Things To Talk About 1. What do you do when it gets dark? Do all animals go to bed at night? Which ones stay up at night? What people have to stay up at night? 2. Are you afraid of the dark? What do you do if you are afraid? Do cats like the dark? 3. What are some nice things you have done at night? Is night different in winter and summer? Which do you like best? Things To Do 1. Make up a poem about things you like about nighttime, or about day-time. 2. Draw a picture about night and the animals and people in nighttime. 3. Find a sleepy song (or make one up) and sing it. 4. Make up a story about night in the city and night in the country. Related Films Curl up Small, Hailstones and Halibut Bones (Parts I and II.) Sterling Educational Films A Division of the Walter Reade Organization, Inc. 241 East 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 (212) 683-6300
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